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Top Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Home With Sri Lanka’s Best House Design Firm

A New Home Design that Combine Size and Style into a Single Home. Ideal for Those Looking to Build a Small Eco Friendly Home

We Have Designed Thousands of Premium Quality Architectural House Plans for any Style or Budget

We Provide beautiful architectural house plans for 2021 to match your life style from traditional to modern. These include Contemporary House Plans, Box Type House Plans and Luxury Architecture House Designs with modern home interiors and exterior details. The Drawings consist of a full complement of Front Elevations, Side Elevations, Floor Plans, Site Plans and Section Drawings etc..

Our plans feature clever design solutions that will save on space, while keeping a strong focus on practicality and aesthetics. These homes make for great investments whilst being beautiful and luxurious.

New Home Designs Certified by Chartered Architects and Chartered Civil Engineers to Comply with Local Council Building Codes

Our team of plan experts "Chartered Architects & Chartered Civil Engineers" created these plans

Our group of plan experts also include,

  • Architects
  • Civil Engineers, Chartered Engineers, Structural Engineers
  • Quantity Surveyors, Town planners, Land Surveyors
  • interior and Exterior designers
  • landscape designers

and they have been helping people build their dream homes for over 14 years.

A Home Plan with Plenty of Windows and Sliding Glass Doors Flowing Smoothly to The Outdoors to Optimize The Spectacular Views

Want to Create Your Own Home Design from scratch? This is likely to be one of the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make.

We guide you with completely independent advice throughout the house design process (Specially UDA building regulations and NBRO guidelines) to help you create the home you want. Regardless of whether you’re adapting one of our classic Sri Lankan house plans to make it more contemporary, applying new technology or concept to one of our modern house designs, or want to create your own Grand Design from scratch, we can draw on more than 14 years’ experience to help you find the total house design solution that works for you.

Beautiful 3D Home Plans with Furniture Layouts from Renowned Residential Architects and House Designers in Kandy Sri lanka

We Design Perfect 3D House Plans and House Designs for Your Land

We think you'll be drawn to our fabulous collection of latest 3D house plans. These are our best home designs, in various sizes and styles, from Sri Lanka's leading and top architects and best home designers. Each plan boasts 360-degree exterior views, to help you daydream about your new home! The 3D views give you more detail than regular images, renderings and floor plans, so you can visualize your favorite home plan's exterior from all directions

An Exclusive New Home Design in Sri lanka that Intended to Reflect Common Use Rather than Strict Architectural Definitions

House Designs with Added Architectural Styles for Renovation, Remodeling or Extension of an Existing Home

Whether you’re looking to build a new home, remodel, an extension of an existing home, renovation or are just looking for ideas, we provide high quality house designs, architectural resources and no-obligation advice to make it possible.

Add a Veranda When Planning Your Existing Home

A key staple of traditional architecture, the veranda appears to be making a comeback. A veranda has proved the perfect accessory to homes both contemporary and classic.

Make Outside Spaces Suitable for Sri Lankan Weather

Covered outdoor spaces allow the any weather condition to be enjoyed whatever the weather, plus provide opportunity to make a design statement.

The Most Popular New House Plans in Sri Lanka. Designed to Maximize Living Space in a Small or Compact Lot or Block of Land

We get a site evaluation before designing your home.

A site evaluation gives our architects and engineers the key information on which to compare one block against another and can save you thousands of rupees in site costs by providing important information about:

  • Cut and fill requirements
  • Spoil removal
  • Possibility of rock
  • Noise issues
  • Probable soil type
  • House orientation
  • Tree removal
  • Recommended construction slab, split level etc.
  • Sewerage requirements
  • Water supply
  • Electricity supply
  • Irrigation requirements
  • Contours
An Architectural Home Design in Sri lanka. This home style features clean lines, geometrical design & contemporary simplicity

This 1921 square feet modern style 3 bedroom, 2 bath small home design takes advantage of a small land

it's nearly 14 feet wide and 48 feet length but includes a small front porch. The L-shaped kitchen at one end of the dining room opens to a side entry.

  • Front Entry Porch=112 sq/ft
  • Living Room Size=247 sq/ft
  • Master Bedroom=174 sq/ft
  • Kitchen=174 sq/ft
  • Dining Room Size=279 sq/ft
  • Bathroom at Ground Floor=39 sq/ft
  • Small Bedroom at Ground Floor=130 sq/ft
  • Small Bedroom at First Floor=130 sq/ft
  • Sitting Area at First Floor=225 sq/ft
  • Bathroom at First Floor=39 sq/ft
  • Ground Floor Area: 1145 sq/ft
  • First Floor Area: 776 sq/ft

Drawn to 1/8" scale and include all necessary Notations and Dimensioned Floor Plans, Support Columns, Beam Detail, Cross Section, Walls and Exterior Elevations (Front and Side).

A Best Quality 3D Home Design in Sri lanka. The Two Story Home is Created by a Reliable Home Designing Company in Sri Lanka

This Two Story House Plan is complete with a master Bedroom, one parking lot, separate store room, 3 additional bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

It’s no wonder why this house plan was designed not only take full advantage of view oriented lots with over 6 perches of outdoor living space but also functionally cater to exactly what modern families want in a luxury home.

  • Front Entry Parking Lot=165 sq/ft (width 10 feet 0 inches x depth 16 feet and 6 inches)
  • Varandah area=165 sq/ft
  • Living Room Size=332 sq/ft (width 17' 4" x depth 19' 1")
  • Master Bedroom=255 sq/ft (width 12' 11" x depth 19' 11")
  • Kitchen=145 sq/ft (width 10' 9" x depth 13' 5")
  • Dining Room Size=139 sq/ft (width 9' 8" x depth 14' 5")
  • Bathroom at Ground Floor=63 sq/ft (width 7' 5" x depth 8' 4")
  • Store Room=55 sq/ft (width 11' 1"x depth 5' 0")
  • Small Bedroom at Ground Floor=117 sq/ft (width 9' 8"x depth 12' 1")
  • Small Bedroom at First Floor=131 sq/ft (width 11' 0" x depth 11' 10")
  • Other Bedroom at First Floor=139 sq/ft (width 15' 3" x depth 9' 1")
  • Sitting Area at First Floor=461 sq/ft (width 17' 4" x depth 26' 5")
  • Attached Bathroom of Master Bedroom=40 sq/ft (width 5' 0" x depth 8' 0")
  • Balcony area=165 sq/ft
  • Total Area: 2771 sq/ft

Drawn to 1/8" scale and include all necessary Notations and Dimensioned Floor Plans, Support Columns, Beam Detail, Cross Section, Walls and Exterior Elevations (Front and Side).

Top Architects Designed Innovative House Plans for Sri lankans with Many Styles that Maximize the Use of Space in Small Lots

The clean lines of this contemporary home strike a warm balance between traditional and modern styling.

Large windows provide wonderful views and plenty of natural light. This 1,731-square-foot modern design creates impressive indoor-outdoor connections. The open kitchen, living room, and dining area flow out to a side courtyard, so you can relax on your private patio after dinner. The master suite treats owners to a large shower, wash basin, and access to the balcony.

  • Front Entry Car Porch with Open Verandah=238 sq/ft (width 19 feet 3 inches x depth 12 feet and 4 inches)
  • Living Room Size=263 sq/ft (width 17'4" x depth 15' 2")
  • Master Bedroom=151 sq/ft (width 14'6" x depth 10' 5")
  • Modern Pantry=91 sq/ft (width 10' 10" x depth 8' 4")
  • Dining Room Size=142 sq/ft (width 12' 9" x depth 11' 4")
  • Bathroom at Ground Floor=53 sq/ft (width 10' 9" x depth 4' 11")
  • Kitchen=139 sq/ft (width 13' 3" x depth 10' 6")
  • Small Bedroom at Ground Floor=112 sq/ft (width 11' 0" x depth 10' 2")
  • Small Bedroom at First Floor=152 sq/ft (width 14' 6" x depth 10' 6")
  • Large Bedroom with Dressing area at First Floor=151 sq/ft (width 13'1 x depth 11' 5")
  • TV Lobby at First Floor=553 sq/ft (width 32' 0" x depth 17' 4")
  • Common Toilet and Bathroom at First Floor=53 sq/ft (width 10' 9" x depth 4' 11")
  • Balcony Area=238 sq/ft (width 19 feet 3 inches x depth 12 feet and 4 inches)
  • Total Area: 2939 sq/ft

Note that you may need a site plan that shows where the house is going to be located on the property. All house plans from Kedella Homes are designed to conform to the local codes when and where the original house was constructed.

Awesome New Home Plans with All Different Sizes and Architectural Styles. All Approved by Urban Development Authority (UDA)

We Help You to Get Local Council Planning Approval

If you want to design a New House Plan or purchase one among our predesigned house plan and Get approval from Pradeshiya sabha, Municipal council, Urban council or UDA planning committee, We deliver house plans and designs in PDF format (Complete set of Blue Prints) and fully completed Building Applications.

Feel free to reach out us at We will be happy to answer your questions.

An Affordable New House Design that Suits for Those Who Wish to Design and Build a Modern Home at a Budget-Friendly Price

Once I have paid charges and fees for house plan, how long does it take for my plans to go to council?

Once you have paid fullpayment, we will start to complete the building application, required drawings for approval and make final checks of all the paperwork so we can submit the building application. We estimate this will take between 5 - 6 days. However, if you make any further changes to your plans or selections during this time, this time frame may extend.

Most Impressive House Design New Models with Photos. These Dimensioned House Plans Include All You Need to Build Your Home

What Our House Plans Include - Detailed House Plans

Every home plan that we create is explained in great detail. Kedella Homes include all the details that we would want in a set of plans if we were building a home for ourselves.

Detailed floor plan drawings provide all the elements that will be included on each floor of the home. The home’s exterior footprint, openings and interior rooms are carefully dimensioned.

Our Pre-Designed Detailed House Plans give you a starting point to develop the design of your dreams. All house plans are absolutely customisable, so that you can adapt them to suit your own style and requirements. The rendered images shown are just a suggestion of how each house could look – the end product is entirely up to you and the only limit is your imagination!

House Designs Plans Pictures Presents Our Full Collection of Unique Home Designs and Floor Plans with Real Photos and Images

Elevated House Plans for Sloped (Inclined) Lands

Take a look at the amazing list of most impressive and most beautiful house plans designed for hillside/mountain range lands. Stunning locations, styles, design ideas. These plans feature photos/pictures, images as well as indoor and outdoor floor plans

Split Level House Designs for Mountain Areas

(Specially for Kandy, Kegalle, Nuwara eliya, Matale and Ratnapura areas)

A split level design is a great option if you have a sloping block as it means you will have less excavation and fill, less retaining wall and a gentler sloping driveway. A split level design also gives you an interesting interior with a few steps separating living areas.

A New House Design in Sri lanka Completed within the Agreed Budget. A Minimalist 4 Cornered Home For An Ascetic Lifestyle

See what's trendy and which will be the most popular home design styles in 2021!

Open floor plans are more popular, as they provide an open sight line from the kitchen, dining to the main living area. Homeowners tend to create this design type, as it allows the chef of the house to maintain contact with children and guests as they prepare meals and snacks. That said, there is no official "best home design," as everyone has different tastes and requirements. Choose which style makes a perfect fit for your new or renovated home!

An Open Concept 3D House Design Sri lanka with Spacious Interiors, Plenty of Storage, Shrine Room, Pantry and Luxury Fixtures

We Have The Largest Inventory of Sri Lankan House Plans

Our huge inventory of house blueprints includes simple house plans, luxury home plans, duplex floor plans, House designs with 1, 2, 3 garage plans, apartment plans with garages and outdoor spaces , new house designs and more. Have a narrow or seemingly difficult lot? Don’t despair. We offer home plans that are specifically designed to maximize your lot’s space. Please contact 0702 222 111 to create a new home plan.

A Home Design Sri lanka with Estimated Cost to Build in Flat Lots.The Architectural Home Plan Designed by Architects in Kandy

Home Plans from Renowned Chartered Architects and Chartered Engineers

Kedella Homes offers tens of hundreds of home, cottage, holiday home, vacation, villa plans and more, many from renowned architects and engineers, making the once-expensive, and complex process of designing or renovating your home simple and affordable. Our plans are functional and customizable and our service will guide you through the home design process, so that you, too, can have the home of your dreams.

A Stylish House Plan Design in Sri lanka for a Sloping Land with Luxury Amenities and Intricate Detailing by Kedella Homes

These Unique Architectural Ideas and Practical House Plan Design at less cost will blow your mind

If you’re going to the expense of a significant home improvement or house building project, then you are going to want to consider incorporating some clever home design ideas to create sense of wow factors. At the design stage, we think about new home design ideas to add architectural interest, to transform how you live in and interact with your home, or a combination of the two.

Architects in Sri lanka Specialized in Designing Houses, Providing Design Proposals for Renovations in Colombo and Gampaha

Kedella Homes is Offering Services to Following Areas

  • Colombo - OK
  • Gampaha - OK
  • Kegalle - OK
  • Nuwara eliya - OK
  • Kurunegala - OK
  • Matara - OK
  • Galle - OK
  • Hambanthota - OK
  • Anuradhapura - OK
  • Matale - OK
  • Kandy - OK
    View House Plans Kandy

Our services are also available in Jaffna, Trincomalee, Ampara, Badulla, Monaragala, Ratnapura, Polonnaruwa, Puttalam.

Ready to Build Stylish House Designs Sri Lanka Photos and Images by Nation's Creative Home Designers and Chartered Architects

7 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Designing Your Dream Home

Building a home is an exciting journey and you have a budget to stick to. So when you design your home, you need to have the best possible use of the space.

Of course, if this is your first time designing a custom home, your enthusiasm can override experience and result in major mistakes. Since years of enjoyment and your investment is on the line, it’s important that you don’t get swept away in the excitement of designing your own place. Be on the lookout for these common design mistakes that almost everyone makes their first time around. Our professional architects will help you to avoid these mistakes when designing your dream home.

Cleverly Designed Amazing 1000 Sri lanka House Pictures/Photos/Images and Their Surroundings that Uses Spaces Efficiently

Kedella Designs Timeless Homes That Never Goes Out of Style

For the past several years, we’ve been thinking a lot about timeless design. Because, in our experience, many sri lankan home owners redecorate or completely renovate a room, or the whole house, about every 5-6 years. But short of painting all the walls white and refusing to inject any personality, what’s the best way to keep your home from looking dated before the paint dries on your latest project? Trends may come and go, but some design elements always look good. Read on for some of the best home decorating trends that will never go out of style.

One of The Most Popular Two Story New Home Plan in Sri Lanka that Highlight the Latest, Innovative Amenities and Features

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Home Plans and Building Your Own House

Is it cheaper to build a 2 story house?

It depends on so many factors. 2 story houses have the potential to cost less, as they typically require less foundation and roofing works. It means, a lot of factors contribute to the cost of building a house, like building location, build quality, and the size, layout, and details of the house plan you choose to build from.

How much do house plans cost?

Architectural house plans in sri lanka in small land by Kedalla Homes

I am interested in Kedella Home Design and Construction, What do i do next?

Please contact our office at No: 247 1/3, Peradeniya Road, Kandy - (0702 222 111). Your house builder and chartered architects with depth of experience and expertise will work with you to design and build your home. A total commitment from all of us to you and your new home.