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We are here to Design and Build Your Dream Home. Please Contact 0702 222 111 for more details. We have all the latest house design ideas to make your house a beautiful home.

Many house construction companies & home owners think about low cost housing construction methods and building construction prices in sri lanka. Many clients ask us "House Construction Cost Per Square Foot in Sri Lanka /(House Construction Rates in Sri Lanka)". This is calculated by taking the total cost of the house and dividing it by the total area of the house. As An Experienced Home Construction Companies in Sri lanka, we do not depends on these calculations as the cost to build a house varies on so many factors. For an example, cost to build a kitchen or bathroom is going to cost a lot more than building an empty room. So if you are planning to build a house with a larger katchen or bathroom the cost per square foot will be more expensive. (Eliminate unnecessary rooms and services to keep your house design simple) Obviously the construction cost also increases as the property and it’s fixtures become more luxurious. Land is also a major factor and land will actually determine the budget for the build. We "Kedella Homes" apply various strategies to Minimize The House Construction Cost. For an example, we buy materials in bulk and are always happy to work with quality materials.

However you also need to take into account the other costs associated with the property. Ex : Site Costs including parapet walls, retaining walls, driveaways, gates, landscaping etc..

How Much Does It Cost to Build A House?
A low cost house built by low cost house construction company in Sri lanka

We build houses on your land anywhere in Sri Lanka

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Contact us for a total solution for your dream home. As one of leading house construction companies in Sri Lanka, the firm offers Beautiful Homes with Luxury Experience. Its name "Kedella" has become more popular among the top 10 construction company names in sri lanka. Kedella runs its operations from its office in Kandy and provides services to Sri lankans, foreign employees and foreigners who wish to design and construct Houses| Vacation Homes| Cabanas| Holiday Homes| Cottages| Apartments| Home Stays and Specialized in House Construction in Sri Lanka.

Contact: 0702 222 111 to begin your home building journey with one of Low Cost House Construction Companies in Sri Lanka.

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Many Sri lankans look for low cost house construction companies in Sri Lanka.

After 13 years in the Building Construction industry, we understand how the home building process can be a stressful one. If you're trying to find A Reliable House Builder, We are one of the best low cost home builders in Sri lanka. We consistently provide High Quality New Homes at Affordable Prices. So more families across Sri Lanka choose Kedella Homes to build with than anyone else. We ensure high quality construction and finishes to provide the ideal home and neighborhood environment for you and our resource full team can assist you to save time and guarantee quality at an economical price and hence can reduce the house construction cost. Contact 0702 222 111 to build an inexpensive house.

There are plenty of reasons why you should build your brand new home with Kedella Homes. We have enjoyed a proud history of Building Quality Homes for Sri lankans Since 2006 and continue to design and build family homes that suit our distinctive Sri Lankan lifestyles.. We care deeply that your brand new home is everything that you have ever dreamed of. Our unending passion is to achieve unrivalled quality and outstanding service for you long after your home is complete.

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A Brand New Home constructed by one of Reliable House Builders in Kandy Sri lanka. 0702 222111
Kedalla Low Cost Home Builder brings you the perfect solution for Your Budget Friendly Home. 0702 222111

An Open Floor Plan can do wonders when it comes to Low Cost House Construction

An open floor plan will have open spaces such as the kitchen and the dining area, living and dining area, study area and library area and have no walls or partial walls between them. It significantly lowers construction cost rather the money that needs to be invested in walls. Fewer walls (Foundation works, Brick works, Plastering, Wall painting etc..) equal less construction material and less material equals lower cost. Having an open floor plan will also allow more sunlight and fresh air to flow through the house.

If you’re on a limited budget, you need to keep the details of proposed house simple. Don't go for costly minor details. For example, keep the roof simple; the costs of complex roof lines can add up across the total area of the home. In the end the house construction cost per square foot/(Cost per square foot to build house in sri lanka) goes up.

An efficient floor plan will always be more cost-effective than one that has underutilized space. Now, what do you do?

Do you try to reduce construction costs during the design phase when it’s easier and less expensive to move walls and change details? These Low Cost Small House Plans will help you to plan and design a cost-effective home.

Don't Use Inexpensive Materials

While inexpensive materials can lower the cost of building a home, your total costs will include many other things that can raise the price significantly. If you’re building in a remote location, bringing water and electricity to the site can cost tens of thousands of rupees or more. You may need engineering work to level the site and prepare new access road.

We are among The Most Trusted Low Cost House Builders in Sri Lanka

We are providing high quality, low cost homes, with a focus on customer satisfactions, integrity and honest advices from a highly qualified and professional team. We pride ourselves on time management, quality assurance and deadlines. We are dedicated to providing a superior home design and build service to our clients.

The most important decision you will make on the road to your home construction is choosing A Trusted House Builder. If it is a new house, or an extension, "Kedella Homes" is one of the Best House Construction Companies in Sri Lanka that work with you fully transparent manner and we are happy to answer every question from the start. We will give you a timeline and A Comprehensive Estimate and Draft Agreement in a prompt manner and will tell you our building philosophy and what products we use. We pride ourselves on the quality of our suppliers, builders and materials used to create a Kedella home and, we'll tell you relationship with all the different people who will be helping build your home.

As An Experienced House Builder, we know that building a home is a huge investment of both your money and time. So we are willing to answer even your most ridiculous questions, and encourage you as well. Please contact 0702 222 111 for any clarification

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Exceptional Quality New Homes completed by one of the Top Home Construction Companies in Sri Lanka. 0702 222111
A Newly Built House by one of the Top 10 Construction Companies in Sri lanka. 0702 222111

3 Ways to Reduce House Construction Cost During the House Design Process

Always remember: It’s always more cost-effective to make changes during design phase before concrete is poured and walls are built. If you’re over budget, try these 3 strategies to reduce construction cost.

  • Reduce the scope of the project
  • Reduce the complexity of your house design
  • Switch to different cost-effective materials

If you Already own a land, we help you to design and build your home

Kedella Homes is one of the largest home builders in Sri Lanka because we've being able to offer superior quality new homes at affordable prices.

Find the right home design to suit your accommodation requirements and to fit neatly onto your block of land. We have a large range of House Plans to suit a variety of lot sizes and lifestyles, with a choice of unbeatable value for money inclusions.

With over 13 years’ experience designing new homes, Kedella Homes knows how to create spaces families love to live in.

Quality Home Designs and Construction at Your Budget from Kedella Homes

We have variety of New Home Designs to assist matching what you need with your budget

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Kedella Homes - An Expirienced House Contractors and Building Construction Company in Sri lanka

We Strive to Provide Cost Effective and High Quality Homes

We work hard to ensure that every home meets our high standard of quality for an extraordinary price.

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Kedella Homes is at the Top of List of Construction Companies in Sri Lanka. 0702 222111

We are the Pioneers in House Construction in Sri Lanka

Kedella Homes works diligently to build homes while offering the highest level of client service throughout the building experience.

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