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In business since 2006, the team at Kedella upholds the absolute highest levels of quality, performance, value and service in each and every project. We offer architecture, construction, and interior design of both new residential construction and residential remodeling in Sri Lanka

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Simple Single Story Completed House in Kandy, Sri Lanka designed for limited budget or narrow block size

Completed Single Story House in Sri Lanka

A Unique completed small beautiful house with 4 bedrooms ideal for a small family settling into a rural environment, where two of the bedrooms would work wonderfully for siblings. Other two bedrooms in this house blueprint are directly next to one another on one side, with the kitchen, living and dining room on the other.A marvelous traditional plan with a minimal foot print and low construction budget fit for your family!

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House with traditional roof on its head, by slanting it diagonally across concrete and wooden base

Completed Two Story House in Sri Lanka

This spacious 5 bedroom Two Story modern House is suitable for large families where each family member has their own bed room. This patterns of plan can only be described in two words, classy and comfortable making it a unique design fit for any tropical climate. Large balconies overlook the property while a double story living room with equally high windows giving light for those cloudy days.

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Three Story Completed House suitable for flat, suburban subdivisions as well as uneven and hillside lots

Completed Three Story House in Sri Lanka

This three story five bedroom luxury home is spacious and essential for persons with larger families. The plan is designed to fit the needs of a home owner with state of art finishes and well fitted rooms. Elegant columns hold up the overhanging roof providing rain cover and shade to the balcony which offer almost a 180 degree view of the surroundings. A prayer room, visitor room and office let all types of activities take place simultaneously without interruption with each other.

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Balcony designed by architect is a great part of the house that provides comfort, enjoyment relaxation

"Mr. Amila Perera is “Kedella” for me.Although “Kedella” stands for House Designing Construction & Renovation, Mr Amila as the chief consultant, has immense capacity to give direction for families & clients for life, as well. In my view & understanding Mr. Amila & Kedella as a construction company are not two separate entities, but of two sides of the same coin."

Hence, any client can place their utmost trust, expected accountability from Mr. Amila (vs) Kedella to the highest expectation of one’s life, in my humble opinion.

Mr.S.L.P De Silva

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