1000 Most Beautiful House Designs in Sri Lanka.

Be Inspired by Traditional to Modern Styles

Welcome to The Largest Inventory of House Designs in sri lanka. Our professional Chartered Architects and Chartered Engineers create and offer The Best Quality House Designs for your land while providing you the best house design consultancy service. So start designing a new house or get house designs that suit your new home requirements (Land location, Number of storeys, Bedrooms, Pantry, Courtyard, Living area, Home size, Land width / Block size ) & budget. If you have a land, we will quickly arrange complete build prices to suit your land size, desired inclusions & budget estimation.

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A single storey house design which can be configured to suit blocks slightly wider or narrower. The floor plan has been designed with functional living in mind Order Now

Single Story House Designs in Sri Lanka


Are you interested in a single-storey house design? How many bedrooms, bathrooms or living areas does your family require? You can search by price range, land size and specific home features required (such as a Study room or Walk-In-Pantry). Find the perfect house design to build from the best reviewed extensive list of single storey house designs in Sri Lanka

1565 Sq Ft 3 Beds 1 Baths 0 Garages

A perfect house design from our house designs plans pictures. This 4 bedroom home has all the accommodation you could possibly need Order Now

Two Story House Designs in Sri Lanka


Whatever type of two story house design you are seeking, you will be sure to find something that suits you among our wide range of elegant double story house designs in Sri Lanka. Discover more about variety of fantastic house designs to build. If you need assistance finding a two-story plan, please contact 0702 222 111 and we'll be happy to help!

1924 Sq Ft 4 Beds 2 Baths 0 Garages

A 4 bedroom three story house design with ideal floor plans suits for a growing sri lankan family. With 2 bedrooms to the front of the home Order Now

Three Story House Designs in Sri Lanka


Creating your dream home from the ground up is exciting. Maximize your lot, offer superb views, and often feature luxurius amenities. On a smaller footprint, separation of spaces and special accommodations for entertaining abound in three story house designs. Pick house designs from Sri Lanka's leading and reliable house designing company

3527 Sq Ft 3 Beds 3 Baths 1 Garages

Why Kedella Homes?

Have a look through our range of home designs for all types of different home needs.

Kedella Homes have been making the Great Sri lankan Dream a reality for singles, couples and families for over 15 years. Our expert team of custom home builders have experience in the construction and real estate industries, so you can trust that your new home is in the right hands. We understand that each home is just as unique as the people living inside, so with our customizations and inclusion packages, we’ll build it just as you envisioned it. At Kedella Homes, we walk you through each step of building your home design with transparency so you can feel at ease throughout the entire process. Our business has been providing good quality homes at reasonable prices since 2006. Our team of custom home designers and builders can help you choose the perfect home design and land package, where you can then customize the size, amount of rooms, colour variations, facade style, and inclusions. Our inclusion series include living and smart options, so you can choose the additions that best suits the needs of your home. Both the smart and living inclusion packages offer kitchen, bathroom and ensuite, internal features, external features, laundry, general site works and safety and electrical. The standard package has been designed with family in mind, including everything your family needs to begin a new journey in a new home, while the smart package was created as a cost-effective solution for first home owners.

Among home plans, this facade could be the most tasteful and stately you have ever seen.The floor plans offer plenty of room for the kids to have adventures Order Now

Architectural Style House Plans and Designs


Our architects and house designers offer the most beautiful and diverse range of architectural styles in Sri lanka to make your search for your dream home plan an easier and more enjoyable experience. Whether you're looking for a cozy traditional home, luxurious or just looking to be inspired, you'll enjoy spending time looking through our extensive collection of architectural styles. We're sure you'll find a house design that will inspire you.

2003 Sq Ft 3 Beds 2 Baths 1 Garage

This May Be Just the 2 Story Contemporary House Design You’re Looking For. Let’s take a look inside Order Now

Contemporary House Design in Sri Lanka


The contemporary style is often confused with modern, but the two should not be used interchangeably. The term “contemporary” refers to the present, and “modern” refers to a time period that has already passed. Contemporary homes today often incorporate elements from modernist styles. Many boast eco-friendly materials and design with a focus on clean lines and natural textures. The color palettes are usually more neutral with pops of color added in the interior.

1841 Sq Ft 3 Beds 1 Baths 1 Garage

Somewhat simple and sensible affordable house design with minimized costly extras. The Home’s exterior is nice and attractive Order Now

Affordable, Low Cost and Budget House Designs


You have come to the place where you can find affordable and budget friendly house designs. When you build a home in this uncertain economy, you may be concerned about costs more than anything else. You want to make sure that you can afford the monthly mortgage payment. With that in mind, we proudly present a nice selection of affordable, budget house plans with your budget in mind. Most of these affordable home designs have a modest square footage and just enough bedrooms for a small family.

1436 Sq Ft 2 Beds 1 Baths 1 Garage

Kedella Homes - The Leading House Design Firm in Sri Lanka

For more than 13 years of experience in house designing industry, Kedella has enjoyed a proud history of designing innovative and distinctive styles of houses for Sri Lankans. We provide our clients house designs for specific reasons – because it suits without breaking their own budget. Our specialist designers are optimistic to ensure that when you step inside be impressed by the sleek, modern design and light-filled spaces.

Our design team can make changes to any house design, big or small, to make it ideal for client's needs.

A modern house design with the master bedroom on the first floor. This features striking elevations and open floor plans Order Now

Box Type House Designs in Sri Lanka


Unique Box Type House Designs may vary on the exterior design, length, size, shape or even the color of your house. Whether this will be your first home or you are looking to renovate or upgrade, we have the perfect modern house plans for you. all our box model home designss are timeless and made to last. Enjoy and choose the best box house design for your future unique house!

2493 Sq Ft 4 Beds 3 Baths 1 Garage

A 3 bedroom two storey house design with a separate study room, activity room for the kids and even a store room with outside access Order Now

Luxury House Designs in Sri Lanka


Kedella luxury home designs cover everything from modern to contemporary to traditional floor plans and offer plenty of space, extra square footage by incorporating daylight and extra detailed styling. The more complicated the design, the more costly it will be to build it. Choose small luxury house design in a simple style, or modify your house design to better suit your budget.

2368 Sq Ft 4 Beds 2 Baths 0 Garage

Included Beautiful Small House Designs Pictures from Modern House Designs pictures gallery Order Now

Low Cost House Designs in Sri Lanka


Everyone is dreaming of building a house of their own. What is a "Low Cost House Design"? Low cost house designs tend to be simple and small. The style is becoming a popular topic which is one of the top secrets that can solve the housing budget problems. A good architectural firm which specializes in low-cost house plans in Sri Lanka like Kedella can do all the difference for your house construction project.

1226 Sq Ft 3 Beds 1 Baths 0 Garage

Simple House Design Photos and Simple House Design floor plans for small families

Premium Quality & Comfort House Designs

Provide different and beautiful Architectural House Designs for nowadays to match your life style from traditional to modern. These include Modern Contemporary House Designss, Luxury Architecture House Designs with modern home interiors plus exterior details. Get inspiration from searching 1000’s of house designs.

House Designs in Sri Lanka

Client Reviews on House Designs

Our clients praise us for our great results, personable service, expert knowledge on building designing and construction and on-time delivery. Here are what just a few of them had to say:

“ Customer service they had given was wonderful. Actually we did not have an idea about our house design and construction. They have explained how to do a proper house design considering our needs. We were pleased with how everything turned out. Finally we are satisfied with our house design plan. ”


“ We highly appreciate the guidance and advises provided by Engineer Amila Perera at Kedalla Design and Construction (pvt) Ltd mainly during the planning and approval process of the land which are expecting to build our home.It was a great experience working with him as he was flexible, professional and committed to get our work done without any difficulty. . ”

Bandaranayake/ Senior Business Analyst/HSBC

“ Received a great house design. My house looks amazing. Only 1704 square feet but has the feel of a large house. All questions I had were answered. Thanks! Highly recommend.. ”

Sampath Nandakumara/Foreign employee/ Israel

3D Homes - House Designs with 3D Photos/Pictures, Images

Take a look at the amazing list of most impressive and most beautiful 3D House Designs! Stunning locations, styles, design ideas as well as indoor and outdoor floor plans

Most famous modern architects with unique skills, experience and sensibilities have designed these creative house designs in sri lanka

3D House Designs & 3D Walk Throughs/ 3D Video

For all those who are looking for quality 3D house designs and floor plans for their dream house, search ends here at housedesigns.lk. Most of kedella house designs include a video that walks you through the home and some include a 3D Virtual Experience, allowing you to explore every inch of your home design.

3D House Designs + Videos

This modern house design is one of the best house designs in Sri Lanka. It provides a comfortable house at a affordable cost

House Designs with Photos/Images

We understand the importance of seeing photographs and images when selecting a house design.. Download High quality perfect house design pictures, great pictures of decor, architectural design pictures of residential buildings, modern architecture home interior and exterior images etc..

House Designs + Photos

A well designed small modern house design which keeps costs, maintenance and carbon footprint down

Sri Lanka's Best House Designs in PDF Format

All our House Design PDF Files include Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Foundation Plans, Roof Plans, Interior Exterior Detailed Dimensions, Floor Areas, Net Floor Areas, Gross Areas, Heights, Widths, Depths and many more required details for your local builder. All designs in inch/feet and metric units.

House Designs in PDF

Exceptional Architectural House Designs in Sri Lanka

We offer full service architectural design services here at Kedella Homes in Kandy. Call us when you need an experienced architect. Call today!

View our most inspiring Architectural House Designs, Floor Plans, and Outstanding House Building Projects. Attractive House Designs & Complete Set of Drawings are added daily. We regularly add original photos of latest architectural designs, built homes, floor plans, house videos and many more... Let us create your own custom house design - contact : 0702 222 111.

A single story traditional house design that cuts down on wasted space and maximizes comfort and ease of living Order Now

Awesome Architectural House Designs for Small Lands


Minimalist, beautiful and functional architecture house designs with so many Shapes for small Lands. These tiny house designs embrace minimalism without abandoning elegance by incorporating high-end finishes. We have plans to suit a wide range of different block sizes, configurations and frontages. Explore our wide range of small floor plan options right now.

1325 Sq Ft 3 Beds 1 Baths 1 Store

A gorgeous house design for sloping land in sri lanka. Unlike designing on a level site, the first consideration for a house plan on a sloping site is to develop cross sections through the site which shows the slope of the land Order Now

Architects Designed Contemporary House Designs


Marvelous Modern House Architecture Designs from Kedella - The architectural style which is the most popular in Sri Lanka right now specially in hill areas. Characteristics: Pitched roof, Modern windows. Mix of shapes & materials. Take a look at the amazing, sustainable list of most impressive and most beautiful contemporary house designs ever built! Stunning locations, styles and designs

2674 Sq Ft 3 Beds 2 Baths 0 Garage

An ideal house design to suit your budget. Beautiful exterior & interior. Compact floor plan, inclusions, upgrades, facades and many more Order Now

Traditional Sri Lankan Style House Designs


Sri Lankan Traditional Architecture House Design solution involves overhanging eaves, deep verandas, interior courtyards and the minimal use of glass. One of the main features of Sri Lankan modern tropical house designs is living/dining area as the focus of the house and which is permanently open to the external environment and to be surrounded by a garden with non-reflective surfaces

1187 Sq Ft 3 Beds 1 Baths 0 Garage

Clients' House Design Album

If you design a fresh plan from us or buy and build one of our house plans already designed, we'd love to create an album dedicated to it!

Innovative house designs and prices. Spacious house design images, floor plans & layouts of beautiful 2 storey houses Order Now

3 Bedroom Hill Country House Design comes to life on a sloping land in Kandy

Updated January 8, 2020

Our client is building Architectural Design with a garage at ground level and the living, dining, kitchen and common bath room at first floor on their narrow property.

2886 Sq Ft 5 Beds 2 Baths 1 Garage

Luxury house designs with amazing swimming pools. Greet you with front porches, open concept living spaces, and flexible bonus rooms Order Now

4 Bedroom Contemporary Box Type House Design comes to life in Kaluthara, Sri lanka

Updated October 8, 2019

The architectural style which is most popular in Sri Lanka right now. Characteristics: clean lines, modern windows, geometric shapes. Mix of shapes & materials.

2848 Sq Ft 4 Beds 3 Baths 1 Garages

Stylish house designs to suit all land sizes, requirements and budgets offer plenty of street appeal Order Now

5 Bedroom Stylish House Design comes to life in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Updated October 8, 2019

The most common & basic house design style that highly structured for centuries in Sri Lanka. It is a mix of many classic, simple designs typical of the country's many regions.

2656 Sq Ft 4 Beds 2 Baths 0 Garage

Chartered Engineers Certified Complete Standard Structural Drawings and Calculations

Kedella is a multi-disciplinary team of Chartered engineers, Chartered architects and who, together with our team of Quantity surveyors, Town planners and other professionals, offer a complete service ranging from initial assessment and conceptual drawings, through planning applications, to construction monitoring and final certification (COC - Certificate Of Conformity).

From initial sketches, ground tests and council approval, to breaking ground to final signoff, our experts will ensure the smoothest possible delivery of your project specially with certification of Chartered Engineers and Chartered Architects.


Choose one or few from 1,000 pre-designed plans to get your planning started

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