Choose The Perfect House Design That Matches Your Lifestyle from The Most Popular House Designs in Sri Lanka

Kedella Homes built its reputation on building beautiful, architecturally designed homes across Sri Lanka. A Design and Build home is one that is designed and priced from scratch, enabling you to create your dream home to suit your budget, land and lifestyle.

If you're looking for a stunning house plan design, there's no better place to start than this house design collection. Whether it’s a modern house design, a new house design or even a simple house design, a good plan must specify each architectural detail of your future home, both internally and externally. Here are some of the latest small to large house design photos, and you can click the button to view more.

5 Tips for Choosing a House Design for Your Land

  • First start with dimensions of the land
  • Prepare the wish list (preferences)
  • List the features that are absolutely required in the house
  • Research and choose an architectural style
  • Plan out a budget you can afford

7 Trendy House Design Ideas to Inspire You

  • Asymmetrical Designs
  • Fixing Large Windows
  • Cubist Architectures
  • Timber Accent
  • Mixing Materials
  • Monochromatic
  • Skillion Roofs - Easy to construct and present a minimalist, unique look

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Here Are The Best 3D House Designs in Sri Lanka

The long awaited moment has arrived: you start designing and building your home! Firstly, know that the quality of your house design is crucial to the success of your building project.

Although many modern spaces use an open floorplan, this particular modern house design keeps things quite closed off

A Modern House Design

Plan No: KD - 01

This modern house design in Sri lanka would work well as a getaway second home or a peaceful primary residence on any site that has a view to be captured. This plan is a great mix of flexibility, luxury, and efficiency. This home also incorporates many of the popular modern green features such as an open floor plan, proper passive solar design, and a roof deck. At the first level of the house, large folding doors open up from the living room to the large balcony.

  • Total Area : 2397 Square Feet
  • Width of the House : 39 Feet 11 Inch
  • Depth of the House : 38 Feet 5 Inch
  • No: of Bedrooms : 4 Nos
  • No: of Bathrooms : 3
  • Height : 32 Feet 4 Inch
The layout of this particular house plan design sri lanka gives both bedrooms and the living room big, bright windows which is certainly a nice feature.

A Two Story House Design

Plan No: KD - 12

Four bedrooms at ground floor and first floor is just enough space to let you daydream about having more space. Take at look at this house design and get inspired for your next place. If you are however looking for detailed drawings that include floor plans, elevations, sections and specifications do check out our house design plans collection.

  • Total Area : 2347 Square Feet
  • Width of the House : 36 Feet 6 Inch
  • Depth of the House : 42 Feet 4 Inch
  • No: of Bedrooms : 4 Nos
  • No: of Bathrooms : 2
  • Height : 27 Feet 6 Inch
This is the perfect two story house design for a growing family since the smaller bedrooms are directly adjacent to the master bedroom.

A 6 Bedroom House Design

Plan No: KD - 20

Planning to build a home that will house a large, beautiful family? This two story 6 bedroom house design will grant you the space you require. if you have five or more kids, you'll probably need all the bedrooms to be bedrooms! Also consider if elderly parents or in laws will likely be coming to live with you--either immediately, or in the foreseeable future. If it's likely multiple generations will need to be living under one roof, this 6 bedroom house plan might be exactly what you require.

  • Total Area : 2408 Square Feet
  • Width of the House : 38 Feet
  • Depth of the House : 53 Feet
  • No: of Bedrooms : 6 Nos
  • No: of Bathrooms : 2
  • Height : 31 Feet 1 Inch
From a striking modern façade to a practical modern floor plan, the zoning of this impressive modern house design in Sri lanka allows everyone to come together downstairs and retreat to the first level

A Box Type House Design

Plan No: KD - 21

A two storey modern box type house with roof deck that can be built in a lot with 330.5 sq.m. area ( 13 Perch Land). Porch is covered with concrete balcony, which opens to the living room, dining and kitchen. Standard sized bedrooms share a common Toilet and Bath. In the middle an option of concrete or steel staircase is provided as an access to the first floor and roof deck. The roof deck is an additional area to relax during the busy day.

  • Total Area : 2794 Square Feet
  • Width of the House : 39 Feet 4 Inch
  • Depth of the House : 47 Feet 8 Inch
  • No: of Bedrooms : 3 Nos
  • No: of Bathrooms : 2
  • Height : 24 Feet 9 Inch
Compact floor plans with key zones for both parents and children make this an ideal house design plan for a growing family

A Three Story House Design

Plan No: KT - 2009

Modern, warm, and welcoming, this 4296-square-foot large size house design can fit on a modestly sized lot. The design of this house started with a simple rectangle. The open kitchen, living room, and dining area flow out to a side courtyard, so you can relax on your private patio after dinner. The master suite treats owners to a large shower, two sinks, and access to the courtyard.

  • Total Area : 4296 Square Feet
  • Width of the House : 41 Feet 3 Inch
  • Depth of the House : 38 Feet 6 Inch
  • No: of Bedrooms : 4 Nos
  • No: of Bathrooms : 4
  • Height : 40 Feet 6 Inch
The scale and style of this impressive small house design plan is a haven for busy families

A Small House Design

Plan No: KD - 02

There's no shortage of curb appeal for this beautiful 3 bedroom and single bathroom small house design. It has a total floor area of 143 square meters. Minimum lot size required for this design is 229 square meters with 52 feet lot width to maintain 2.5 meters setback at left side. With so much to offer, make this your next home today!

  • Total Area : 1538 Square Feet
  • Width of the House : 44 Feet
  • Depth of the House : 33 Feet
  • No: of Bedrooms : 3 Nos
  • No: of Bathrooms : 1
  • Height : 28 Feet 4 Inch

View The Stunning Exterior and Interior Photos of This New House Design

Ideal for slimmer blocks, this modern house design maximizes space without compromising on functionality

  • A cleverley designed modern home with four bedrooms
  • A contemporary family layout that offers everyone their own space
  • An inspiring house design that provides vibrant open plan living that seamlessly transitions to the outdoors

Modern and luxurious, this 2,771-square-foot house design stands out. Check out the master bedroom, which is easy to reach on the first floor and treats you to a sleek bathroom (look at that shower), huge closet, one sink, and more. Also cool: the rooftop deck.

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This uniquely styled two story new house design has been designed to meet the growing demand for modern style affordable homes. There is also a bedroom and bath on the ground floor. Get exterior design ideas for your modern house elevation