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We create spectacular, functional, utterly unique spaces that are tailor-made to meet each client’s individual needs and provide a complete range of house designs and architecture services to clients around Sri Lanka.

Kedalla is a dynamic house and building planning firm of Chartered architects, Chartered engineers, Surveyors and House planners/designers committed to providing professional, client orientated and cost effective house planning and building planning services (with detailed technical plans or drawings) relating to the new construction, renovation, extension and development of new residential property in Sri Lanka.

Building Designing and Planning

A good building is all about the people which simply denotes who designed and build it, who own and operate it but most importantly who use it. Keeping this in mind, Kedalla develops buildings that are safe, striking, efficient and able to stand the test of time. Our building consultancy presents a breadth, depth and calibre of technical expertise that ranks among the best in the industry in Sri Lanka

Increased the number of services

Kedalla Architectural Design and Construction was originally set up to provide a House planning service to predominantly residential clients but over the years we have increased the number of services we provide and regularly work for our clients to build their houses and help house builders,house contractors, developers and commercial clients

Local authority regulations & planning requirements

Whether you just want us to prepare architectural drawings or council drawings and submit a planning application on your behalf to local authority (Pradeshiya Shaba, Municipal Council or Urban Council) or want us to manage your entire Housing project, we’re here to help. Because we specialized in the house building and development of residential property, we’re perfectly placed to help make you dream home a reality

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Choose The Best House Designer First

Choosing The Perfect House Designer for your project is arguably your most important step on the path to your new home.

Our experienced team can produce cost effective custom designs to suit your site. We specialise in all areas of design including: narrow lot homes, homes for sloping lots, split level designs, colonial style homes, Box style homes, contemporary homes, traditional homes, two storey designs, luxury homes and mountain homes.

Kedalla House Planners Consider Clients’ Requirements, Site Planning, Design and Building Plan Approvals

Initial Client Questions:

Full contact details of client – address, phone number, email etc…

Full site address

Details of any other important parties in the design process

Architects & House Planners

A comprehensive approach to meet architects and house planners

Our building and planning consultancy expertise is sought to influence all developments – from single buildings to whole communities and cities, nationally. By drawing on our expansive knowledge, technological capability and integrated approach, we provide solutions that optimize all elements of the form and function of any building

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House Designers Need Clients’ Requirements

Kedalla House Planners believe that before putting pen to paper, house designers need to gather detailed information about their client, their lifestyle, requirements, preferences and the site, to develop a design brief. This brief informs design work.

(Developing Your House Design Brief)

We ask our clients,

  • To describe about their current home. Anything they like and dislike about it, What is missing, and what would you change
  • To tell ideas that they have about new design and / or materials
  • To present any images from magazines/internet that show us a style they like,
  • To describe about any particular home design features that are important to them
  • To tell us any perticuler house style that they require for the project e.g.Box Type, Contemporary, Traditional, Single Story, Two story, bold, elegant, minimal etc….
  • To include any specific materials or surfaces in mind that they would like to see in the new home
  • For any time requirements for the project to be completed
  • For special accessibility requirements, for example: anyone in their family disabled or they have any regular visitors that would have special needs
  • Any specific considerations toward sustainability and energy efficiency – Particular system they would like to use: i.e., solar panels etc…
  • Regarding their budget requirements/constraints
  • Any ideas they have about new design and / or materials

"Your working relationship with your house designer is critical. Over-involvement can limit the designer’s ability to deliver the best solutions. Under-involvement can give you a home that doesn’t satisfactorily meet your brief. Make sure you, the client, are comfortable with each stage and check it against your brief before moving on to the next stage".

As well as their lifestyle:

  • Want to understand their lifestyle and the kind of spaces that they need. For example, work from home, entertain often, The kitchen - “ is the heart of the home so we always recommend carefully considering the design of this space. In addition, the family room is an important space to relax and unwind, while the master suite should be viewed as a private parental retreat and designed with your own lifestyle in mind.” etc
  • How much time they spend in the different areas of the home (indoors and outdoors)
  • Entertainment systems they require. Music, TV, projectors, speakers throughout the house?
  • Type of storage they require. Large wardrobe space?

Once you have a shortlist of your requirements, engage with house designer in face-to-face talks about your brief, to ensure you’re on the same page. To get the most value for your money, you want someone who understands you, agrees with your ideas – in relation to sustainable design, space and function – and has the qualifications and enthusiasm to translate ideas to paper and into a reality.

Visit our page 6 Steps To Planning A Successful Building Project before you begin.

Well-Ventilated/Cross Ventilated Luxury House Plans done by best House Planners in Sri Lanka

Building designers consider Natural Ventilation & Cross Ventilation

The house is designed to maximize natural ventilation and is being cooled by their own unique aesthetically design.

Natural ventilation occurs through the courtyard especially in hot climates. In this roof type house plan the court yard acts as ventilator shaft.During nights the process is opposite in which the ambient cool air sinks into the courtyard and enters into the internal spaces through the low-level.

Visit our House Plans Collection to find out more.

Single Story House Plans

Leading House Planners in Sri Lanka done natural ventilated/passive cooling beautiful house Plans

Passive Cooling House Designers

To be comfortable, buildings require some form of cooling at some time of the year. There are many ways you can design or modify your home to achieve comfort through passive (non-mechanical) cooling, as well as hybrid approaches which utilize mechanical cooling systems.

Passive cooling is the least expensive means of cooling a home in both financial and environmental terms.

Visit our Passive Cooling House Designs page to find out more

Two Story House Plans

Top House Planners in Sri Lanka done sustainable designs which use courtyards to maximise natural ventilation

Sustainable House Designers

A sustainable house design can not only have accomplished building materials and layout of the building but it also needs to have good amount of professionalism offered towards achieving maximum satisfaction from the targeted design which has proper consideration for light and ventilation.

These features affect proper ventilation and lighting:The building Layouts, Window design, Shading, Insulation, Interior ventilation, Roof ventilation, Foundation ventilation

Visit our Sustainable House Designs page to find out more

Three Story House Plans

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‘SWOT’ analysis

Visit the site with your designer to do a ‘SWOT’ analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). This is your first opportunity to work with your designer to see if your objectives align. It can take the form of a paid consultation or can be part of the design contract outlined in the next step.

On the site, consider:

  • Orientation
  • Views
  • Overshadowing by landforms, trees and buildings (site survey)
  • Slope (site survey)
  • Soil type (geotechnical report)
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Access and transport
  • services (power/electricity, teliphone, water, sewer).
  • Solar access
  • Climate responsive design and site specific variables

Innovative House Planners concern Site Planning / Site map / Land utilization

A well-placed house provides a wonderful sense of environment for home owners as well as Optimum and Sustainable Land Utilization. However, building sites exhibit staggering variety. Access to the site, Water, Rock, Vegetation, Slope, Drainage, Wind/Ventilation, Natural light, Local weather, Soil type, Surrounding construction, Views and Building regulations vary over dimensions as small as a few feet.

We ask from our clients,

  • Why you choose this site
  • Anything about the site that they particularly like or dislike
  • Any views within the site that are particularly important to them
  • Number of occupants will be living in the new home
  • Foresee any additions to the home later (Ex: Children)

Indoor spaces:

  • Number of floors / rooms / Bath rooms/ spaces and use for each
  • Any particular areas that are to be more private that others or particular rooms that they would like to be connected
  • Any preferred room layouts/relationships or orientations – A south east facing kitchen for example.

Outdoor spaces:

  • Any specific ideas or plans for the outside spaces that they would like us to consider.

Kedalla - The Professional House Planners in Sri Lanka

As with all other professional services for home design and renovation, the best way to choose a House Designer in Sri Lanka is to asses their past work against the style and requirements you have for your individual project.

The role of building designers has evolved from traditional drafting services to building design that takes into account your lifestyle, budget and site condition. Building designers in Sri Lanka also often work with contractors to ensure that structural elements are in line with desired aesthetics.

Leading house designers done modern home plans with well designed sustainable sanitary drainage systems

Sanitary drainage/Sewerage systems Designers

Gravity sewerage systems are the traditional method of sewage disposal. These systems take advantage of the natural slope of the ground to collect wastewater.Sanitary systems consist of an assembly of pipes, fixtures, and fittings which gather and directs sewage to the drainage system

Separate systems of sanitary drainage and storm drainage are installed in the same property, the sanitary and storm building sewers or drains shall be permitted to be laid side by side in one trench.

Visit our page Sanitary systems to find out more.

Box Type House Plans

Best house designers in Sri Lanka done home with drain system presented in the master plan

Site Planning and Designing

A site plan is an architectural plan/drawing, landscape architecture document, and a detailed engineering drawing of proposed improvements to a given lot. A site plan "usually shows a building footprint/house site location, building set-back lines, location of transformer, septic & soakage pit location, travelways, parking, parapet walls/ retaining walls, drainage facilities, sanitary sewer lines, water lines, trails, lighting, other natural features and landscaping and garden elements."

Visit our Site Planning page to find out more

Three Story House Plans

Sri lankan home designers done House plans with Foul drainage system and Surface water drainage system

Stormwater Solution

The Stormwater Master Plan assesses the volume of water generated by House and our custom landscape solutions are designed to manage stormwater drainage efficiently and sustainably by using a combination of traditional landscaping methods and modern low impact development features to help keep houses/properties safe from water damage while reducing run-off through natural landscape features. Not That: Many damp basements and soggy landscapes are caused by improper downspout/drain spout arrangements

Read more about Stormwater

Two Story House Plans

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The Leading House Planners in Sri Lanka

We interpret your requirements into a sketch

Then we provide full working drawing packages for planning and building permit applications,

The work of a building designer usually begins by interpreting your requirements into a sketched floor plan. “It is important clients have time to consider the proposed design options through their day-to-day life. For example, they may be in their current kitchen making dinner with the family and considering how the location in their new house would work at that time,”.

Once agreed upon, the designer then moves on to the drafting and documentation stage, whereby drawings are submitted to council for approval. Some building designers also take care of contract management – that is, hiring builders, managing materials and labour costs, and advising you about any local council by-laws that may concern your project.

We make the planning process quicker, simpler and more equitable than ever before, affording our clients greater access to planning information that is consistent and clear

In all building and planning projects, we collaborate with architects, planners, civil engineers and the client from the earliest phases of a project, providing cutting edge solutions to help realize their imaginative and ambitious aspirations. Building Plan Approvals is one of the key step to complete before constriction begins.

Building Plan Approvals

The Sri Lanka's building code is very strict,

The complex planning code of many local governments can have far reaching impacts on your design solution and must be negotiated. Your designer should have a sound knowledge of these planning code

Building approval is required for developments any building to ensure building complies with building regulations/laws(local authority regulations, planning requirements and conservation restrictions ),including the Building Codes/House Planning Codes of Sri Lanka. Building approval is usually obtained from local authorities (Pradeshiya Shaba, Minicipal Councils, Urban Development Authority) after providing all necessary documents (Ex: Deeds, Survey Plans, Other clearances etc….) to them. Building approval must be sought before construction begins.

A Residential Building Design Firm

If you’re looking for someone to design a home specifically catered to your needs, or to help with house plans for your renovation, consider hiring Kedalla Architectural Design Firm. A residential building design firm that will take care of your house design or home improvement, in some cases, from the initial consultation to the final inspection.

House designs done by Best Home designers in Sri Lanka considering the site planning objectives

Use of Land

The process of designating the use of land in detail is done by:

  • Selecting and analyzing sites
  • Forming land use plans
  • Organizing vehicular and pedestrian circulation
  • Designing visual form and material concepts
  • Readjusting the existing landforms by design grading
  • Providing proper drainage
  • Developing the construction detail necessary to carry out the project

Reard more about Use of Land

Box Type House Plans

Architectural house floor plans showing primary architecture elements for each floor of the structure

Primary Architecture Elements

We, as building planners or building designers, use four basic elements of architecture (Point, Line, Plane and Volume) to design our beautiful houses. With those four elements we actually create any architecture or design.

We create designs (building plans) for a structure or solution. And we try to make as optimal or effective use of the 3 dimensional space that is offered to us, in order to comply as best as possible with the requirements of the owner/client and stakeholders.

Read more about Primary Architecture Elements

Small House Plans

Creative house planners in Kandy sri lanka designed house plans which facilitate stormwater drainage master plans

Floor Plans

A floor plan is a scaled diagram/drawing of a room, house or building viewed from above. The floor plan may depict an entire building, and are useful to help design furniture layout, wiring systems, and much more.

Floor plans are essential when designing/Planning and building a home. A good floor plan can increase the enjoyment of the home by creating a nice flow between spaces and can even increase its resale value.

Visit our Fllor Plans page to find out more.

Modern House Plans

An Amazing Collection of House Plans & House Designs in Sri Lanka

Discover house plans and blueprints crafted by renowned home plan designers/architects

Designed By Eng.Amila Perera

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Architectural Drafting & Design Specialist

Contact Kedalla Designs Office in Kandy to design home plans for you today!

Full Design Service for New Houses, Extensions and Adaptations

Kedalla "provides architects, house builders and contractors with a complete range of drafting and drawing services"


Back in the year 2006, Kedalla Design and Construction (pvt) ltd was established by Mr. Amila Perera as an Engineer with a vision to transform the way people perceive quality in the CONSTRUCTION industry. Since its inception, 

Kedalla provides complete consulting services, including analysis and design preparation of construction documents, Construction administration services and Building Construction in Sri Lanka.

We value our client's point-of-view,

Balcony designed by architect is a great part of the house that provides comfort, enjoyment relaxation

"I really appreciate the service of Kedalla. On the first day when i visited Kedalla, I was able to meet Eng. Amila Perera. He explained everything very clearly. Then i decided to work with Kedalla.They are doing everything legally. I really appreciate it. He’s also given us his best. Finally i wish him and Kedalla "all the best""

Mr D.A.S Prasad

Business executive