As one of the leading house contractors in Sri Lanka, we'll help you with building your new home

What Separates Kedella Building Construction

Aside from innovation and architectural designs, what separates Kedella design and Construction is our innate drive to improve and be the best in house design and construction field.

We value our relationships as we leverage our strong reputation to build beneficial partnerships that help provide us with the best material, resources and talent that Sri Lanka has to offer. When it comes to execution, our process is simple, proven and designed to help us consistently/ultimately achieve our goals

Building Our Client's Dream Home

We have been at the forefront of delivering elegant, modern, sustainable high-quality spaces in Sri Lanka.

Our well defined design and construction/build process, ability to work in unison with our clients in combination with our vast experience and access to the best materials in the market have helped us achieve unprecedented success in building our clients' dream homes

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Virtual Design/3D & Construction

Kedella house Construction Company has adopted Virtual Design/3D Architecture Design & Construction as a process and technology that further enhances our services as your home builder.

On projects that Virtual Design & Construction can be utilized, our team can better review design documents, develop project schedules and logistics plans more accurately, validate project estimates, and become more proactive with issues that may occur within the field

Kedalla Design and Construction (pvt) Ltd

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Kedella "Design & Build" is at the forefront of delivering efficient and sustainable luxury spaces in Sri Lanka. From the onset we are detail oriented and process driven. We are team of Architects, Contractors, House builders and Leading Construction Company in Sri Lanka who understand the importance of precision and have built a result driven platform to ensure that our clients receive the best possible results over 13 years.

One of the Leading Building Contractors & House Builders in Sri Lanka

Help you with building your new home/house and bringing you the best house and land packages and design inspiration

Kedlla Homes has focused on quality craftsmanship, exceptional design & unprecedented value & service. Located in Kandy, Sri Lanka.


Design & Construct new houses that reflect the way our customers live!

Enhance the Value

Kedella "Home Designers and Master Builders of New Homes, Home Extensions and House Renovations/Remodeling" can Increase The Value of Your Home.

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Ongoing Projects/Building Sites

We Provide Detailed Information About Our Building Construction Projects

Our number one priority is to ensure that you have easy access to all the information you require to choose the right projects for your business. Not only that, when you partner with us, you can be assured of never missing any vital updates on your desired project.

Ongoing and Planned Building Projects

Our homes cover all budgets and all styles of living, but they’re all linked by a common theme: bright, light-filled spaces, great, practical liveability, and stylish contemporary appeal

Canopy an overhead roof structure that has open sides build by top contractors in Sri Lanka

Ongonig Luxury House in Sri Lanka

The project involves constructing a 3 storey super luxury residential building on 12 perch land located in the upscale neighbourhood of Dharmaraja Mawatha in Kandy.Upon completion, the total floor area of this home is less than 4000 square feet, approximately 366 sqm (square meters). This self-contained lifestyle house features a 43 feet and 6 inches infinity roof terrace on the 3rd floor along with an area for two water tanks. It also houses an extensive recreational area on the 2nd floor and several other facilities.

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Exterior front porch decoration using square/curved grey stone veneer by house construction company sri lanka

Ongoing Single Story House in Sri Lanka

Kedella house builders has been instrumental in the construction of residential, commercial and township projects across Sri Lanka. This is a single story ongoing residential project on a 8 purch land which is designed by an architect and located alongside the scenic surrounding of Haputhale which includes 3 nominal size bedrooms, one bathroom, living, kitchen and dining with gable roof.The total floor area of the house is less than 2000 square feet (1835 sqft)

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Creative wall painting designs & ideas for a stylish home decor house construction company in kandy

Ongoing Two Story House in Sri Lanka

Nowadays, especially in urban areas, houses are built close together. Get inspired on how you can build a charming modern house like this on a small lot like 10 perches. The square footage ( Nearly 2300 square feet) of this home design is smaller to adapt to the lifestyle of the new generation. This spacious residential house situated in Thennekumbura, Kandy has total 2 floors, makes it very suitable for a family with variety of living activities.

According to the site plan, the plot coverage of the house is 1112 Sqft

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Discover our diverse stock of house photos and download your favorite for free

Real photographs of both the interior and exterior of under construction and completed homes

Reinforcement and shuttering of column footings shafts plinth beams by Best House Builders in Sri Lanka

Under construction houses in Sri Lanka

The steel works and concreting (Reinforced Concrete ) of superstructure of this home is just began.In residential construction, it is becoming more common for experienced house builder or contractor to engage the construction of structure of the house.

As one of the most experienced and trusted building construction companies in Sri Lanka we build these houses using best or ideal construction material/building materials and certainly assign an Engineer and/or Architect during the major phases of construction

Visit our page Under Construction Houses in Sri Lanka to find out more

Block walls are usually installed by masons or other masonry contractors and is assembled using mortar

How to Pour a Concrete Floor

Pouring a new concrete floor is not just a job left for the builders.Before this happens, there are several key preparation stages that need to be carried out:

  • Soil compacted using a whacker plate
  • Sand blinding will take place if necessary
  • A damp-proof membrane is put down
  • Concrete is poured and left to cure
  • If your concrete floor needs to be reinforced (in areas which are likely to be heavily loaded, such as garages), then a metal mesh standing on plastic feet will be put down before the concrete is poured

Vist the page How to Pour a Concrete Floor to find out more

Low cost house builders in sri lanka complete plumbing system for water supplying through distribution pipes

Brick Masonry Wall Construction

 Bricks are one of the oldest of all building materials and are most often used for wall construction and  pillars. Common burnt clay bricks is generally use for building construction while engineering bricks offer excellent load bearing capacity.Some common shapes include:

  • Brick veneers - Used for surface cladding
  • Airbricks - Contain large holes to circulate air and lessen weight
  • Paving bricks - Used in underfoot paving applications
  • Hollow bricks - Used mostly in partition walls where load-bearing is not required

Visit the page Brick Masonry Wall Construction to learn more.

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House building contractors in Kandy Sri Lanka done fully completed two storey house and green fence

Build to impress our clients

Whether we’re working on small refurbishments or multi-million rupee, prime residential projects; boutique retail outlets or warehouses; one-off hotel/villa or national chains and restaurants, our construction and building work delights our clients and makes us proud.

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Proudly building quality homes in Sri Lanka

As ICTAD Certified Builders you can always be confident of extremely high levels of workmanship no matter how large or small the building project

Kedella Services

We have extensive experience in all areas of designing and construction such as:

Lighting system tracks ceilings and walls of innovative two-storey new house models in sri lanka

Architectural Designs

House Plans

Housing Projects


  • Discuss the objectives, requirements and budget of your project
  • Consult professionals about design
  • Prepare and present feasibility reports and design proposals
  • Advising you on the practicality of your project
  • Use IT in design and project management, specifically using computer-aided design software
  • Keep within financial budgets and deadlines
  • Produce detailed workings, drawings and specifications
  • Specify the nature and quality of materials required
  • Prepare applications for planning and building control departments
  • Control the project from start to finish
  • Regular site visits to check on progress, ensuring that the project is running on time and to budget
  • Resolve problems and issues that arise during construction
  • Ensuring that the environmental impact of the project is managed



Building Construction

Rooftop gardens of this simple house plans in sri lanka bring nature to man-made constructions

Plumbing Drawings

3D visualization

Engineering services

Hear what our commercial building owners have to say about Kedella

Construction pioneers in the construction industry use natural and cultured stone artistically placed in home fronts

"I recently completed my second property investment project (Hotel, Restaurant and Reception Hall) in Arambekade hiring Kedella Constructions for designing and construction for the second time. I strongly recommend them to any potential clients. Their friendly yet professional dialogue was always a pleasure and their flexibility was a highlight of their service."

Mr. M.W Neel De Silva


Aladeniya, Werallagama