Design from your vision. Build for your life.

Innovative Architecture With Authentic Details

While creating a masterpiece home, hotel, villa etc... takes a little more time and effort, it is not that different from the way we handle the design process for all our designs.

After all, every design is a masterpiece to its owners. Treating every design like a masterpiece design has one major ancillary advantage: careful planning reduces changes and mistakes. Reducing changes and mistakes in turn creates a better experience and services for the owners and better overall product.

After designing and building luxury homes, hotels, villas, Guest Houses, resorts, apartments, , homestays, bungalows, resturants, commercial buildings, Industrial buildings, cabanas, cottages, holiday Home, vacation House for almost 13 years, that lesson has been reinforced time and time again.

Architect led Building Designs and Construction

Start with a clean slate and design your dream home that way you want to live.

Kedalla is the preeminent Design-Build Firm of Luxury Homes in Sri Lanka. Acclaimed for their opportuneness of being a Full-Service Firm with an in-house team of highly skilled Architects, Builder, and Interior Designers. Kedalla has designed and built an appreciable amount of high-end homes, Hotels, Villa etc.. in the most prestigious areas in Sri Lanka

Whether your project is new or a remodel/renovation/an extension, our experience helps us create the extraordinary in residential construction and non residential construction We prioritize quality, performance and service in each and every project. All our work is warranted, and we’re always available for you.

Bridging the Divide Between Design & Construction

Whether it’s a new construction, whole house renovation/remodeling/extention or you’re upgrading your kitchen or living room, Kedalla has you covered.

At Kedalla Homes, we aren’t just architects, civil engineers or builders. We’re listeners. We’re guides. We’re lovers of detail, timeless style, and construction that lasts. From the initial concept down to the last light bulb, we work with our clients to create best homes or any commercial building that are truly, profoundly, their own.

We promise creativity, efficiency, quality, transparency, and that we will be with you throughout the whole process, from your initial vision to creating the design to the build. We will brainstorm and collaborate with you, while keeping you on time and budget every step of the way.

Kedalla Design and Construction (pvt) Ltd

No:247 1/3
Peradeniya Road, Kandy (20000)
Sri Lanka

Our team of plan experts, Consultants, Architects, Chartered Architects, Civil Engineers, Chartered Engineers, Structural Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Town planners, Land Surveyors, interior and Exterior designers, landscape designers, have been helping people build their dream homes for over 13 years.

Find the Perfect House Plan for Your Land

from The Best Design-Build Firm in Sri Lanka

Kedalla has been designing buildings including best quality residential home plans since 2006 and has an exceptional portfolio of architectural designing.

Sri Lanka's Best House Plans & House Designs

Unique, creative, outstanding and original House Designs - Our house planning process focuses on generating a plan—a series of executable actions with established procedures to solve largely understood problems/Client’s requirements within an accepted house planning framework while House designing focuses on learning about the nature of an unfamiliar problems and to conceive a house designing framework for solving those problem.

Further We Provide premium Quality different and beautiful architectural house plans for 2019 to match your life style from traditional to modern. These include Modern Contemporary House Plans, Luxury Architecture House Designs with modern home interiors plus exterior details

Take a look at the amazing list of most impressive and most beautiful modern house designs! Stunning locations, styles, design ideas. These plans feature photos/pictures, images as well as indoor and outdoor floor plans

Designed By Eng.Amila Perera

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Home and Land Packages

Kedalla offers a variety of house and land packages in Sri Lanka to suit your requirements, style and budget


The latest Housing Project launched by Kedalla

You behold the beauty of nature





  • 3 Storied

  • 2 Car Parkings

  • 3 Living areas

  • 6 Bed Rooms

  • M/Bed Room with A/B

  • Roof Terrace




  • 3 Storied

  • 2 Car Parkings

  • 3 Living areas

  • 6 Bed Rooms with 6 attached Bath rooms

  • Dinning/Kitchen

  • Roof Terrace




  • 3 Storied

  • 2 Car Parkings

  • 2 Living areas

  • 6 Bed Rooms with 6 attached Bath rooms

  • Gim/ Dinning/ Kitchen

  • Roof Terrace




  • 3 Storied

  • 1 Car Parking

  • 3 Living areas

  • 4 Bed Rooms

  • Kitchen/ Dinning

  • 1 Attached Bath Room & 2 Common Bath Rooms

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Kedella Homes

We build houses on your land on your budget

Design and Build Projects

If you own a land, We as a Professional Designs and Construction firm have the skills to successfully take your project from site evaluation and programming through all phases of completion

At “Kedella Homes” we offer “Design and Construction” full service where our talented architects will take care of every aspect of your housing project from the floor plans, submitting your plans to local authority, structural engineer’s drawings and calculations to building application and the construction of your house or project all the way to finishing product that will meet your requirements and expectations. Here at “Kedella Homes”, we pride ourselves on managing every step of the home design and construction process.

Modern Kedella Homes designs in Kurunegala Sri Lanka with an elegant luxurious private outdoor swimming pool

Single Story House Plans

This carefully planned single story beautiful house model is perfect for an active family looking to build on a 15 metre wide block. There is so much packed into this spacious home including a master suite and ensuite, home theatre and activity! The large open plan living and dining areas with a combined kitchen access a huge alfresco, whilst the kitchen packs a punch with plenty of storage and walk-in pantry/scullery.

Visit our House Plans Collection to find out more.

Single Story House Plans

Best Kandy home architect designed Kedella Homes with beautiful roof terrace/flat roof and architectural elements

Two Story House Plans

A Unique Small two story 3 bedroom house plan model with three bedrooms designed by Kedella Homes ideal for a young family settling into a rural environment, where one of the bedrooms at first floor would work wonderfully for siblings. One bedroom in this house at ground floor is directly next to the kitchen, living and dining room.A marvelous contemporary plan with a minimal foot print and low construction budget fit for your family!

Visit our House Plans Collection to find out more about 3 bedroom house plans.

Two Story House Plans

Kedella Homes Colombo designed house on a flat plot of land located in a residential area

Three Story House Plans

This awesome home has designed as a three story home model with the master suite/master bed room upstairs and another master suite at first floor. A further 3 good sized bedrooms nestled around the kids activity ensures that everybody has a place to wind down and relax in style. The shared living spaces in this home design include the large open plan living area, which interacts seamlessly with the outdoor alfresco area and the secluded home theatre that is perfect to lock yourself away to enjoy the latest movies.

Three Story House Plans

Four bedroom two Story Modern home design with Great Upper Floor plan and ultimate accommodations

3D Architectural House Plan for a small land

This extremely unique custom design has a very sleek and modern exterior.The entire home has a sense of balance, from the open verandah to the layout of the bedrooms to the matching patio access at the rear of the home. Between the kitchen and the bed room, there is a utility room access. The upper floor is where we’ve placed all other bedrooms, as well as a spacious bonus room, and the study room.

Visit our House Plans Collection to find out more.

Single Story House Plans

Exciting, cutting edge Modern Architectural house design.Upstairs with beautiful flexible loft, very large Bedroom suite

Modern Two Story Home at Just the Right Size

The main floor living space is open, bright, and functional, and the upstairs is prepared for anyone and any situation. Large windows provide wonderful views and plenty of natural light.Upon entering the home, you will be struck by the foyer, dining room, and modern living room, which collectively contribute to an incredible feeling of openness and connectivity throughout the home.

Visit our House Plans Collection to find out more about 3 bedroom house plans.

Two Story House Plans

Shed Roof House design features open concept kitchen/dining/living room all under 2500 square feet

4 Bedroom Palatial Estate House Plan with Ultra Modern Interior

This two story estate house plan is truly remarkable.

    House Plan Features
  • Main floor master bedroom.
  • Huge outdoor living
  • Flexible upper floor
  • Optional Full 3rd Bathroom
  • Staircase brings you to the center of the upper floor
  • Incredible style, and a thoughtful floor plan

Three Story House Plans

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Construction Projects

13-years of award winning residential design and construction

The Premier Full Service! Reliable Home Builder!

A service offering of the finest, highest quality and commitment

In business since 2006, the team at Kedalla upholds the absolute highest levels of quality, performance, value and service in each and every project. We offer architecture, construction, and interior design of both new residential construction and residential remodeling in Sri Lanka

House Construction|Hotel Construction|Villa Construction |Guest House Construction |Bungalow Construction |Apartment Construction |Homestay Construction |Restaurant Construction |Commercial Building Construction |Industrial Building Construction| Cabana Construction| Cottage Construction|Boutique bungalow construction in Sri Lanka|

Simple Single Story Completed House in Kandy, Sri Lanka designed for limited budget or narrow block size

Completed Single Story House in Sri Lanka

A Unique completed small beautiful house with 4 bedrooms ideal for a small family settling into a rural environment, where two of the bedrooms would work wonderfully for siblings. Other two bedrooms in this house blueprint are directly next to one another on one side, with the kitchen, living and dining room on the other.A marvelous traditional plan with a minimal foot print and low construction budget fit for your family!

Visit our House Plans Collection to find out more.

Single Story House Plans

House with traditional roof on its head, by slanting it diagonally across concrete and wooden base

Completed Two Story House in Sri Lanka

This spacious 5 bedroom Two Story modern House is suitable for large families where each family member has their own bed room. This patterns of plan can only be described in two words, classy and comfortable making it a unique design fit for any tropical climate. Large balconies overlook the property while a double story living room with equally high windows giving light for those cloudy days.

Visit our House Plans Collection to find out more.

Two Story House Plans

Three Story Completed House suitable for flat, suburban subdivisions as well as uneven and hillside lots

Completed Three Story House in Sri Lanka

This three story five bedroom luxury home is spacious and essential for persons with larger families. The plan is designed to fit the needs of a home owner with state of art finishes and well fitted rooms. Elegant columns hold up the overhanging roof providing rain cover and shade to the balcony which offer almost a 180 degree view of the surroundings. A prayer room, visitor room and office let all types of activities take place simultaneously without interruption with each other.

Three Story House Plans

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3D Design

We think you'll be drawn to our fabulous collection of latest 3D house plans. These are our best home plans, in various sizes and styles, from Sri Lanka's leading and top architects and best home designers. Each plan boasts 360-degree exterior views, to help you daydream about your new home! The 3D views give you more detail than regular images, renderings and floor plans, so you can visualize your favorite home plan's exterior from all directions

3D House Plans

The Beauty Of Having 3D Home Plans

Most people find it challenging to visualize a set of rectangles and squares used by architects and civil engineers. It is practically impossible for an average person to imagine a new design and visualize it in intricate detail within their minds. In this case, only 3D home plans can help to give a better view of a home before the construction process is complete.Further, with a 3-D plan, an individual will be able to see a detailed view of the building as well as to get a better idea of the planning and construction process of the entire building.

3D Two Story House Plan with open contemporary floor plans by Architect in Colombo Sri Lanka

3D Walk Throughs/ 3D Video

Designing your own home is a big commitment, so it’s important we do everything we can to get things right for you the first time. That’s why Kedalla offers virtual reality 3-D Beautiful house designs and walk-throughs so you can dive deep into your new ‘virtual’ home and see that everything’s exactly as you wanted – before we start building your custom home.

Visit our page 3D video,3D animation,3D film,3D homes and find out more.

Modern 3D House Plans

3D two story luxury home plans with large covered indoor kitchen overlooking a gorgeous swimming pool

Benefits of 3D Floor Plans

  • Get a better feel for your home’s dimensions and layout
  • See how your building materials and finishes will look
  • Gain greater insight into practical issues, e.g., the positioning of rooms, cupboards, windows, workstations
  • Save time and money by easily detecting potential faults or problems before you start spending cash
  • Get a better feel for your home’s dimensions and layout

See 3D pictures,Free 3D house plan models,3D images & photos,3D Drawing and many more.

Two Story 3D Home Plans

3D house plans with small footprints allow to be built on infill site or developed lots

Bringing 2D Floor Plans to Interactive 3D

Interactive 3D helps you to understand a space faster/easier than static 2D.

Flat 2D floor plans and building plans are sometimes hard to understand, but interactive 3D floor plan and 3D building models give a viewer a true sense of space and function, allowing you to explore the space from above or from within.

See 3D home plans,3D villa plans,3D hotel plans,3D interior designs and many more.

3D Home Plans - Photos

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We provide the best quality Architectural Services in Kandy, Kurunegala, Colombo and anywhere in Sri Lanka

You may have a very specific style of architectural home in mind.It may be a traditional architectural home or modern architectural home. You may even be unsure what kind of home design you really want. This is no problem - Kedalla "The best architectural firm in Sri Lanka" here to help. By talking with you to gain an understanding of your preferences on architectural design, we can advise you which of our dedicated architects specializes in the type of architectural home plans you are looking for, and will be the best fit for your architectural home design

Home design provides one vaulted master bed room with attached personal bath room and dressing room

An architect designed Budget House Plans

The design is an ideal home for a modern family. Loaded with features including a visitor room and study, the lower floor also contains a luxurious master suite and kitchen, living and dining areas. Upstairs two bedrooms enjoy easy access to bath room and spacious balcony.

As with all of our luxury double story home designs, you can build as is or make changes to the floor plan to suit your individual needs.

Visit the page Leading Architects in Kandy to find out more.

Single Story House Plans

Architect in Kandy Designed single Story Home plan with its eye-catching stone and glass façade

Single story Architectural House Plans

This spacious 3 bedroom Single Story House is suitable for small families. This house has only one bathroom. With a 52 feet wide frontage, this home looks big, and it is big! Nearly 1500 square foot in total area while a living room with equally high windows giving natural light for day time.

Visit the page Leading Architects in Sri Lanka to find out more.

Two Story House Plans

House plan for a small split-level or sloped site with spacious modern kitchen and pantry

Architectural House Plans for Small lands

This three story four bedroom home is spacious and essential for persons with medium size families. A real one of a kind, this modern design has been created for clients who want to take advantage of views to the front of their block, with the upper floor living area flowing out seamlessly to the huge balcony with raking ceiling from front to back.Two bath rooms, family room and office let all types of activities take place simultaneously without interruption with each other.

Small House Plans

Two story home plans in Sri Lanka with spacious open plan ground floor hall/Living spaces

Architects and Architectural Designs

We "One of the leading architectural company in Sri Lanka" provide high-quality architectural resources and advice for anyone looking to build, remodel extend or renovate a Residential Building | Apartment | Hotel | Guest House | Villa | Home stay | Bungalow | Restaurant | Commercial Building | Industrial Building | Cabana | Cottage | Resort. It's the smart alternative to designing a house or any kind of building from scratch...

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Kedalla Design and Construction (pvt) Ltd proudly serve their services all over Sri Lanka.

If you’re located in one of these areas, be sure to contact us today. We would love to speak with you!


And also we offer the best customer support for the total Design and Construction process

Love where you live

We all want to love where we live, which is why we spend so much time and effort trying to make it happen; whether it’s kitchen renovations or creating a new house. And it’s never just one thing we’re after—style, function, safety—it’s everything, and how it all comes together. At Inhaus, we promise our floor plans will help give you every reason to love where you live—creating a foundation of personality, warmth and confidence for your home.

Why You should Select "Kedalla Homes?

Kedalla Homes since its inception has done architectural designs, Construction of Houses, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Projects, Government Projects and remains in good standing.We "a leading building construction company in Sri Lanka" build amazing home structures of local clients, foreigners and foreign employees on their own lands and provide them assistance to get approvals from local councils, National Building Research rganization, Natural Resource Management Center, etc.... for plans.

Also we provide total housing solutions by catering the land and house according to the clients requirements.

I think all are great Designs, but I would still like new custom home design.

We "The Best House Plans Website" offer the option of ordering custom made drawings designed to your exact requirements. Visit our office or drop us an email of your requirements and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Our Promise to You

We strive to provide the best experience possible for every client. From the design process to move-in day, Kedalla Design and Construction (pvt) Ltd promises to be with you every step of the way and build the home you’ve been dreaming of.

How do I purchase House Plans?

Select a plan of your choice; make sure all details and specifications are according to your requirement. You can directly contact us via email, phone, viber, etc.... for a price quotation.

What Our Clients are Saying,

Balcony designed by architect is a great part of the house that provides comfort, enjoyment relaxation

"Mr. Amila Perera is “Kedalla” for me.Although “Kedalla” stands for House Designing Construction & Renovation, Mr Amila as the chief consultant, has immense capacity to give direction for families & clients for life, as well. In my view & understanding Mr. Amila & Kedalla as a construction company are not two separate entities, but of two sides of the same coin."

Hence, any client can place their utmost trust, expected accountability from Mr. Amila (vs) Kedalla to the highest expectation of one’s life, in my humble opinion.

Mr.S.L.P De Silva

Consultant on Peace & Co-Existance

Christopher Road, Peradeniya