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The Best Architectural Firm that Offers a Level of Professional Architectural Service in Matale

We have designed a wide range of projects including commercial, institutional and residential, and have amassed special expertise in the field of commercial, residential and the restaurant/entertainment sector.

Be it upgrading your current premises to accommodate business growth, or the new build or fit out of a purpose built space, Kedella Architecture has the expertise to generate return on your investment.

We share our knowledge and joy for uncovering enduring spaces and interiors within which we live and work. Our architecture sits outside of fashion and is grounded in a collective view that the best and most sustainable design is that which is built to last and be celebrated for decades to come.

Latest Two Story House Designs done by Best House Designers in Matale Sri Lanka Modern 4 Bedroom Single Story House Plan designed by Draughtsman in Matale Sri Lanka

Building Types

  • Residential - Single-family detached home and House /Single-family attached (small multi-family) / Large multi-family (apartments/flats)
  • Commercial - Retail, Stores, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Mixed-Use, Low-rise Office buildings, Mid-rise Office buildings, High-rise Office buildings (including skyscrapers), Hotels, Boutique hotels, Resort, Motel, Theaters,
  • Industrial - Light manufacturing buildings, Heavy manufacturing buildings, Warehouse store or retail warehouse, Distribution/fulfillment centers
  • Housing: Developer & Custom - Single Family and Multi-Family Homes
  • Industrial - Warehouses and Manufacturing Distribution
  • Medical - Clinics, Office Buildings, Research Lab, Nursing Homes, Dentals
  • Miscellaneous Building Types - Banks, Funeral Homes, Galleries, Museums
  • Parking Garages - Other transport related structures
  • Hospitality - Resorts, Restaurants, Clubs, Hotel & Motels
  • Public Buildings & Public Works - Community, Libraries, Civic Centers, Fire Departments, Courts, Police, Transportation, Public Works
  • Schools - Day Cares, Tracks Parks
A minimalist single-family residence located in Matale in Sri Lanka,designed by Architects in Matale Elevated Two Level Three Story Home Designs done by Best House Planners in Matale Sri Lanka

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Residential & Commercial Architectural Services in Matale

Kedella Architecture is a collaborative studio that specializes in commercial and residential architecture in Matale and all over Sri Lanka. With a multi-faceted background in construction, art, design and mechanics, we are uniquely equipped to think outside the parameters of our discipline allowing for diverse and innovative design solutions. In all of our work, we foster an environment of collaboration and creativity with our clients, creative team and community.

We want to make the process of building a home or any space easy for our clients

We believe successful projects require good communication and earned trust between clients, architects, consultants and builders. Our approach is friendly and personable, whilst our work demonstrates sensitivity and subtlety in design.

Luxury Hotel Plan Wonderful Swimming Pool Design Beautiful Landscape Design done by modernist architects in Matale Sri Lanka

As a full service architectural practice, we manage the entire design process, from concept development through to build completion and interior design and fit-out.

We provide architectural designs specially House Designing| Hotel Designing| Villa Designing| Vacation Home Designing | Guest House Designing| Bungalow Designing|Tourist Bungalow Designing|Apartment Designing| Homestay Designing| Restaurant Designing| Commercial Building Designing| Industrial Building Designing| Cabana Designing| Cottage Designing| Holiday Home Designing| Holiday Bungalows Designing| Resort Designs| 3D house designs| 3D animation and project advice that can be implemented immediately or over time. Kedella has over 13 years of experience providing specialised architectural solutions and overseeing the project management of offices, shops, warehouses, refurbishments, and residential projects.If you are looking for a dedicated and passionate architectural design and construction company to work closely with you on your commercial or residential architecture project in Matale, you can trust us to provide you with an exceptional experience and personalised service.

Visit our page Architectural Services and find out more.

Starting a new unfamiliar or complex project?

Luxurious Single Family Villa Designs in Beautiful Locations, created by Architects in Matale Sri Lanka
Spacious 3 Bedroom Cottage Style House Floor Plans in Matale, Contact Architect 0702 222 111

Architects Designed House Plans in Matale

Specializing in residential design. Professional Services. Founded In 2006. Highlights: Providing Professional Services, Modern Innovation.Our architects & house plan designers design various type of house plans. They are designed to the same standards (Building Code / Building Regulations) as our Sri Lanka-based designs and represent the full spectrum of home plan styles you'll find in our home plan portfolio. If you are looking to build in Matale Sri lanka, Kedella house plans are a great place to start. If you are building in Sri Lanka, you'll also find some great designs that are ready-to-build when you are.

Box Type Modern House Plans

Modern Architectural House designs rectangular shapes flat or slanted roof-lines Creative Young Architects in Matale Sri Lanka

Architectural House Designs & Plans in Matale

Search our collection of architectural house plans by Best Home Designers and Top Architects in Matale to find the perfect home plan to build. All house plans can be modified. Contemporary Home Plans, Traditional House Plans, Latest Building Plans, Single Story House Plans, Two Story House Plans, Three Story House Plans, Box Type House Plans etc... Read more ideas about House design, House and House styles.

Floor plans can be easily modified by our in-house designers. Our team of plan experts, architects and designers have been helping people build their dream Home

Modern Architecture

Sloping Terrain House Designs Mountain House Plans for mountainous rugged terrain well on hillside lots as well

Split-level House Plan Completed for a Client in Ukuwela Matale

This split-level house plan with an attractive modern exterior designed for a sloped land / hilly site in Ukuwela Matale. This sloping home site offers plenty of opportunities. this home plan on sloped land will have one side that has full-length windows in every room of the house. This allows for more natural light to pour in, saving you money on your electricity bill. Plus, you’ll get an extra dose of Vitamin D from any room in the house.

Cost – The cost of building on a sloped land is entirely determined by the steep of the slope.

Moderate slope – Easiest and cheapest.

Steep slope – Moderate cost.

Hillside slope – Expensive.

Modern 3D House Plans

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Residential Architectural Services Done in Matale

Two Story 4 Bedroom House Design

Plan No: KD - 36

Designed by Eng. Amila Perera
B.Sc.(Eng),AM IESL (AM10420)

Split Level Two Story House Plans

A mere 30 feet wide and 54 feet length nearly 2800 square feet but space and privacy for everyone!

The main entry opens to an open concept floor plan which is further enhanced by a vaulted living room ceiling. The kitchen and adjoining dining room enjoy generous windows and backyard access.

A large family bathroom offers a separated bath tub and x-large shower, and also a practical laundry area.

Key Specifications

  • 2797 sq/ft

  • 4 Bedrooms

  • 2 Bath

  • 1 No

Architectural House Plans & House Designs Done in Matale

Single Story 3 Bedroom House Designs

Plan No. KD - 26

Designed by Eng. Amila Perera
B.Sc.(Eng),AM IESL (AM10420)

House Plan with Gable Roof

One set of french door that open to the open verandah create outstanding indoor-outdoor flow for this roof type home plan. The T-shaped plan suits a medium size lot.

Floor Plan(s): Detailed plans, drawn to 1/8" scale for each level showing room dimensions, wall partitions, windows, etc.

Exterior Elevations: A blueprint picture of two sides showing exterior materials and measurements.

Key Specifications

  • 1226 sq/ft

  • 3 Bedrooms

  • 1 Baths

  • Detached Parking

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Commercial Architectural Services in Matale

We are dedicated to providing innovative yet sensible architectural design solutions. Our designs reflect the unique sites upon which they are placed and the people who use them. With a diverse staff of professionally trained individuals, our architectural firm has experience in a broad spectrum of project types and scales. We look at each project as a distinct opportunity to create something special, regardless of scale.

Design with an Eye for Functionality

We design buildings that are the pinnacle of practical, yet beautifully alluring in their execution. We take the finesse of unique architectural design in Matale, Sri Lanka and pair it with proven concepts that meet the requirements of your building, creating designs that serve the needs of their inhabitants.

Design a new commercial building on a tight budget

Signature characteristic of Modern House Style are open floor plans, spacious interiors, clean lines, abundant glasses etc..

Contemporary & Modern House Floor Plans

Contemporary Floor Plans are very popular in Sri lanka. They generally have exteriors focused on very clean lines, but they might also have wood or stonework facades. Plans can include large overhangs, split levels, and very open floor layouts.

Modern Floor Plans generally have very asymmetrical designs with bold shapes and more angles than traditional homes. They make use of lots of glass including walls, windows, skylights, and clerestories ( A series of windows) that provide a great deal of sunlight. Combined with very open floor plan layouts and interestingly angled walls, ceilings, and roofs, these homes are bright and striking.

Modern House Plans

1200 sq.ft. or less, small house plan designs are usually cheaper to build and easier to maintain 0702 222 111

Small Architectural House Plans & Designs

Some clients simply prefer Smaller House Plans instead of big imposing mansions. No one can blame them since small modern homes often really do look more charming and beautiful than large house plans and can have big curb appeal. . Small house design based on minimalism and “less is more” approach can do wonders.

At 1500 sq. ft. or less, small house plan designs are usually cheaper to build and easier to maintain than larger home plans. Call us for more detals: 0702 222 111

Explore our leading collection of Small Architectural House Plans consisting of simple and efficiently designed floor plans that offer budget friendly options.

Small House Plans

Provide Inspirational Interior Design Ideas for Living Room Design, Bedroom Design, Kitchen Design and the entire home in Matale Sri lanka

Allocation of Chartered Architect and Chartered Engineers for Your Home Design

Professional Designs and Constructions - Kedalla Design and Construction (pvt) Ltd employs Chartered Architects, Engineers, structural engineers, surveyors, project managers and architectural designers to design, plan and construct your dream home anywhere in Sri Lanka.

Assigning an architect or an engineer for your construction project can do all the difference for you. From taking your idea in your mind to a design and then to an actual building, a good architect and an engineer will be there by your side helping you throughout the process and manage the construction project Step by Step..

House Design Guide

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House Plan Approval and Land Subdivision Approval

We submit Building Permit Applications using the authorized Building Application Form issued by Matale Municipal Council, Dambulla Municipal Coucnil, other Pradeshiya Sabhas and Local Councils.

We help our clients delivering accurate building designs and documentations for following approval and clearance purposes

  • Building Plan Approvals from Pradeshiya Shaba (PS)
  • Building Plan Approvals from Municipal Council (MC)
  • Building Plan Approvals from Urban Council (UC)
  • Online Building Plan Approvals from Urban Development Authority (UDA)
  • Survey Plan Approvals (BOP Approvals)
  • Obtaining Certificate of Conformity (COC)
  • Preliminary Clearance for Lands
  • Preliminary Clearance for Houses
  • Natural Resource Management Center Clearance (NRMC Clearance)
  • Specifically, objectives relating to Forest conservation and ..... Knuckles Conservation Forest (KCF)
  • National Building Research Organization Clearance (NBRO Clearance)
  • Amended Building Plan Approvals
  • Obtaining Street Lines
  • Obtaining None vesting Certificates
  • Obtaining Assessment numbers
  • Land Sub Divisions & Sub Additions
  • Mahavali Authority Clearance
  • Irrigation Department Clearance
  • Forest Conservation Department Clearance
  • Preliminary Planning Clearance from UDA
  • Central Environmental Authority Clearance (CEA Clearance)
  • Road Development Authority Clearance (RDA Clearance)

Special Service of Obtaining Building Plan Approval

Under the hassle free documentation handling option, customers are offered a special service of obtaining Building Plan Approval from local authorities via an agent. This service enables customers save their valuable time spent in government offices trying to get building plan approval

Two story modern house plan approved by Matale Municipal Council, designed by Top Architect in Matale

The Awesome of Sloped Land House Plans in Matale

Views – Seriously, houses built on sloped land have some of the most breathtaking views around. Whether you’re staring at the vastness of the Knuckles Mountain Range in Matale, or the beauty of Makulussa (916m) ( A mountain range situated at Matale-Kurunegala border, surrounded by famous taller peaks of Matale- Wilshire, Etipola and Ambokka), you’ll find nothing beats the views of a home built on a slope.

Architecture – Because slopes add certain obstacles to the building process, we often put on our creative hat when it comes to crafting your dream home. This can lead to some pretty awesome structures. Basement walkouts, panoramic windows, and unparalleled vantages are all possible with a unique home on a slope.

Elevated House Plans

Projects, events, products and architectural services of architects in Matale, only on Kedalla 0702 222 111

Architects Designed 4 Bedroom Home Plans in Matale

A four bedroom home plan designed by a top architect in Matale is yet another modern home plan today considered to be the apex of it all. On the main level, you will find one well-appointed bedroom. On the first floor, the master bedroom includes a walk-in closet and master bathroom. Bedrooms 2 and 3 share a centrally located common bathroom. The master bath includes a large tub, shower, compartmented toilet and walk-in closet. There is a convenient main level laundry room.

The appealing front porch gives this 2-story Modern House Plan great curb appeal. Inside, guests are welcomed by the open living room.

4 Bedroom Home Plans

A wish list for the house, Custom Designing, Remodeling, Building and look more beautiful and feel more comfortable

A House Plan Designed for House Renovation in Matale

A Major Renovation for a House on a flat Lot - This is a classic beautiful house design in Kubiyangoda, Matale. This old home went through a major renovation by architects at Kedella Design who tailored the house for a young family. The front of the house fits in with the surrounding homes in the neighborhood.

Careful attention was paid to space, layout, and lighting to help promote functionality and to give the illusion of more space. Indoor living spaces and outdoor areas were integrated with wooden glass doors and windows essentially increasing the ventilation.

House is covered by a gable roof, mainly due to the simplicity of the structure, ease of construction, cost savings, but also saving of expression of the solid of the building

Traditional House Plans

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Submission of House Plans / Building Applications to Local Councils

All our house plans are designed to meet Building Code. We submit building applications to following local authorities for their approvals. Further,our house plans have been highly praised by local authorities and referred by countless house builders & sub-contractors over 13 years.

  • Matale Municipal Council - Matale, Sri Lanka
  • Dambulla Municipal Council - Dambulla, Sri Lanka
  • Ambanganga Korale Pradeshiya sabha - Gurubebila Metihakka, Matale, Sri Lanka
  • Dambulla Pradeshiya Sabha - Dambulla, Sri Lanka
  • Galewala Pradeshiya Sabha - Galewela 21200, Matale, Sri Lanka
  • Matale Pradeshiya Sabha - Palapathwela Matale, Sri Lanka
  • Naula Pradeshiya Sabha - Naula, Matale,Sri Lanka
  • Pallepola Pradeshiya Sabha - Pallepola, Sri Lanka
  • Rattota Pradeshiya Sabha - Rattota, Matale, Sri Lanka
  • Ukuwela Pradeshiya Sabha - Ukuwela, Matale, Sri Lanka
  • Wilgamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha - Wilgamuwa, Hettipola, Sri Lanka
  • Yatawatta Pradeshiya sabha - Yatawatta, Matale, Sri Lanka
  • Laggala-Pallegama Pradeshiya Sabha - Laggala-Pallegama, Matale Sri Lanka
Kedalla Architectural Services are based and registered in Sri Lanka specialising in property renovation, change of use, conversions and permit applications

Architect Planning Service in Matale

With the extensive knowledge and experience in this respective domain, we are engaged in offering Architect Planning Service. Our professionals make genuine efforts to provide this architect planning services in Matale and surrounding areas within the promised set of time span. Offered architectural services are highly credited for their promptness, reasonable prices, and reliability.

    Other Details:
  • Best quality resources apply
  • Timely executed
  • Highly flexible
  • Quick service

Architectural Services

Looking for a creative designer or architect for your new small hotel concept or guesthouse plan? 0702 222 111

Hotel Designs & Architecture

Small to Large Hotel Interior Design & Architecture - Kedella is a Sri Lankan hotel designing firm with extensive experience in the development of new hotel concepts. As a boutique interior design and architecture firm we create unique hospitality and lodging concepts. Our multidisciplinary team of hotel designers and architects can help you create that special place, where travelers feel at ease, and don’t want to leave anymore.

Here some of the hotel projects we have worked on, ranging from city boutique hotels, modern guesthouses, small luxury resorts and small exclusive island retreats to modern budget hotels and luxury bed & breakfasts.

Hotel plans

Interior architects design building interiors, which often requires considering both the functionality and appearance of a space

Architecture and Interior Design

Our interior designers are creative professionals who use their artistic sense to determine how to set up your interior space. They have good analytical and problem-solving skills so that they can develop design plans that fit the client's needs and budget while also adhering to building codes. Designers may do some of their work in our office, but they also need to travel to the location they're designing. Their work hours can vary and they may be obliged to make their schedule flexible, depending on the needs of our clients. In addition to creative and artistic talents, they need to be able to pay close attention to details and possess strong communication skills

Interior Designs

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Kedella Architectural Office in Kandy Serves Architectural Services in Matale, Dambulla, Galewela, Naula, Pallepola, Rattota, Ukuwela, and many other areas in Matale.

We're committed to providing the best customer service possible in Matale and surrounding areas. The architectural firm serves the areas of Gammaduwa, Warakamura, Katudeniya, Udangamuwa, Gurukete, Kandenuwara janapadaya, Paragahawela, Katudeniya, Godahena, Elkaduwa, Inamaluwa, Kaikawala, Kibissa, Laggala Pallegama, Madawala Ulpotha, Nalanda, Watagoda, Galhinna, Ellekade, Ankumbura, Panagamuwa, Udapihilla, Hijra colony, Thotagamuwa, Deevilla, Elwala, Tawalankoya, Dolapihilla, Hulangamuwa, Mandandawela, Elwala, Kohobiliwela, Bandarapola, Aluviharaya, Kottagoda, Dombawela, Matihakka, Alawatta, Pahala Kithulgolla, Uda Kithulgolla, Udagama, Halgolla, Batagolladeniya, Kahatagastenna, Kotuwegedara, Walahena, Kovilamuduna, Mawathapola, Alawatugoda, Palapathwela (The administrative centre of Matale Pradeshiya Sabha), Golahanwatta, Sigiriya, Wahacotte, Yatawatta.

We Create Beautiful Modern Spaces that People Love to Live in

We create buildings that are responsive and adaptive. Our buildings breathe and grow in their equally dynamic cultural and physical environments.

Our Unique Construction Experience

We are knowledgeable. We have a thorough understanding of how buildings go together and the construction process thanks to our unique construction experience and well-established connections in the building industry.

Driven by quality and customer satisfaction Equipped with a great value of experience and workmanship 0702 222 111

Interior design

A new building can fall short if it is not accompanied by the furnishings, lighting and custom details that make it feel as though everything is where it should be. We work with our clients to building a collection of unique pieces that feel as though they could have been collected over a lifetime. Each adds texture and interest to the space and is tailored to suit the clients’ tastes as well as the building’s architecture.

When working with clients on an architectural design, we often find it advantageous to continue the relationship to develop a comprehensive interior design as well. Once the architecture is resolved, we are able to use our in depth knowledge of the future building to begin to select furniture, lighting and art. We begin the interiors process prior to completing documentation or construction so that we are able to make tweaks for any internal details. This also gives us time to source items over time from a wide range of sources.

We approach furnishings with a distinct point of difference from the architecture. The furniture and lighting is a human element that first and foremost needs to respond to the realities of living. While we look to select groupings of items that will endure over time, the scale of the items allows them to function in a different way. Often there is opportunity to bring in much more personality and elements of playfulness. Our interiors are colourful and textural and aim to create a lasting impression.

A complete interior package will include everything the space will need. This includes furniture, lighting, rugs, window coverings, accessories as well as art. We source items from local and international furniture designers and often incorporate rare vintage items.

Designing for natural light and creating facades that help our buildings appear more aesthetically pleasing

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Browse House Plans with Photos. See Hundreds of Plans. Watch Walk-through Video of Home Plans

Kedella Architectural Design creates some of the country's finest and bespoke luxury homes and applies great care, skill, and patience when designing new homes, additions, or simply remodeling.

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Good customer service is different from company to company, Here is a feedback we received for excellent customer service

Rapid Response Times, Emotional Intelligence, Creative Problem Solving, Kedalla equipped to respond to incoming service requests

"We really appreciate the instruction you (Eng. Amila Perera) provided us to approve our survey plan and specially when designing our building plan . Your creativity and listening to client's requirements is highly admirable. That makes our architectural house plan budget friendly and amazing. “That is so much more beautiful than we expected”,Thank you very much for your commitment for fulfilling our dream home."

Mrs.N.P Maithripala


Pushpadana, Kandy

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