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If you are ready to plan your first home and are thinking about building, now is the perfect time to do it!
We "the best architects in Kandy, Sri Lanka" are more than happy to help you find a architectural plan or talk though a potential floor plan customization.

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Specialized in architectural house designs and construction

Kedalla is a leading architectural house design firm and house construction company situated in Kandy Sri Lanka. We provide architectural designs specially House Designing| Hotel Designing| Villa Designing| Guest House Designing| Bungalow Designing| Apartment Designing| Homestay Designing| Restaurant Designing| Commercial Building Designing| Industrial Building Designing| Cabana Designing| Cottage Designing| Holiday Home Designing| Resort Designs| 3D house designs| 3d animation and project advice that can be implemented immediately or over time. Kedalla has over 13 years of experience providing specialised architectural solutions and overseeing the project management of offices, shops, warehouses, refurbishments, and residential projects.If you are looking for a dedicated and passionate architectural design and construction company to work closely with you on your commercial or residential architecture project in Kandy, you can trust us to provide you with an exceptional experience and personalised service.

Leading Architects in Kandy

Doing Architectural Projects in Kandy for more than 13 Years

We believe, Unless you are an experienced developer, you need a good architect who can help you steer through the process. Building a project in Kandy is not an easy task. We have been in Kandy, designing architectural projects for 13 years. Whether you need a House design, office design , restaurant design, tenant improvement or one of the many other kind of commercial projects that Kadalla has experience in, our architects and designers can help you see around the next corner and know what to do.

Quality Architectural Services in Kandy

Our services are the quality architectural services available in sri lanka. We are in the affordable price range for architects in Kandy and around who have experience and plan to dedicate the time necessary to do a good job. On the other hand, architectural design problems can cost lots of money during construction. So if you decide to pay what it takes to have quality architectural services at the design stage and minimize the cost of construction, you will probably save more during construction and end up with a better looking and functioning architectural project.

Who has guided us

Eng. Amila Perera

B.Sc Engineering, AM(IESL)

Kedalla Design & Construction (Pvt) Ltd.
An Architect in Kandy,The Best Architect in Kandy,A Leading Architect in Kandy Sri Lanka

“ Make your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more” — Amila Perera

The Best Architectural Design Firm in Kandy

High quality buildable architectural plans/ Low price guaranteed/ Affordable customizations/ 13 years in the industry

Architecture plays a central role in shaping cityscapes and is concerned with the creation of buildings that are practical, smart and sustainable whilst complementing the surrounding built environment. A successful architectural design maximises a building’s functional performance.

Chartered architects in Kandy Sri Lanka designed two level house with gardens yards lawns stairs landscaping

Architects Designed House Plans

A Unique Small House Plan with two bedrooms ideal for a young family settling into a rural environment in hill country, where one of the bedrooms would work wonderfully for siblings. The two bedrooms in this apartment are directly next to one another on one side, with the kitchen, living and dining room on the other.A marvelous contemporary plan with a minimal foot print and low construction budget fit for your family!

Visit our House Plans Collection to find out more.

Single Story House Plans

Best architectural designers in Kandy designed beautiful colonial style house that Combines classical Kandyan period architecture

Architects Designed Home Plans

This spacious 4 bedroom Two Story House is suitable for large families where each family member has their own bathroom. This plan can only be described in two words, classy and comfortable making it a unique design fit for any tropical climate or tea plantation surrounded by mountains. Large balconies overlook the property while a double story living room with equally high modern doors and windows giving light for those cloudy days.

Visit our House Plans Collection to find out more.

Two Story House Plans

Best Leading Architectural Firm in Kandy Sri Lanka designed very steep sloped three story house plan

Architects Designed Building Plans

This three story 3 bedroom home is spacious and another unique home in our narrow lot range of three story home designs. 3 bedroom home that is perfect for a 10 metre frontage with rear laneway access. The plan is designed to fit the needs of a home owner with state of art finishes and well fitted rooms. A prayer room, store room and large size living area let all types of activities take place simultaneously without interruption with each other.

Three Story Duplex House Plans

Designs Done By Architects in Central Province

Beautiful Villa Plans, Guest House Plans and Hotel Plans in Kandy

Top chartered architects in Kandy Sri Lanka designed beautiful villa plans with front side large balconies

Architects Designed Villa Plans

Villa designs take varied directions when one comes to design the space allocation.

There are many more features and functions that can be brought to the table internally and also externally.

Stressing over the architecture of your upcoming lavish house?

Kedalla provides high end villa design and planning services all over Sri Lanka

Visit our Plans Collection to find out more.

Villa Design

Beautiful hotel with rectangular swimming pool for lap swimming designed by architect in Kandy Sri Lanka

Architects Designed Hotel Plans

Hotel design involves the planning, drafting, design and development of hotels

Contemporary hotel design can be sophisticated and functional, involving specialist architects and designers, environmental and structural engineers, interior designers and skilled contractors and suppliers, particularly for large, intricate projects.

Looking for a creative designer or architect for your new hotel concept?

Hotel Design

Guest house plan with a lovely exterior look designed by house planners in Kandy Sri Lanka

Architects Designed Guest House Plans

The beautiful guest house design, surrounded by gorgeous trees looks spectacular.

The bedrooms allow for great views out of the two large french windows set on separate sides of the room and offer a sense of homeliness and comfort not found in mainstream hotels.

Read more ideas about Guest house plans and see the most exciting guesthouse designs

Visit our Plans Collection to find out more.

Guest house plans

Explore The Best Variety of Sri Lankan Architectural House Plans & House Designs

Kedalla is experienced in architectural drawing and construction drawing sets for residential and commercial projects, malls and hotels, industrial buildings, warehouses with attached offices, apartment blocks and office complexes, using input drawings from the design development phase. These sets are created to communicate the design intent and specifications to contractors, design professionals, engineers, manufacturers and suppliers. They include detailed working drawings (known as blueprints) which the contractors, builders and suppliers use to determine the project cost of execution and construction.

Designs Done By Eng.Amila Perera

Kedalla Design and Construction (pvt) Ltd

No:247 1/3
Peradeniya Road, Kandy (20000)
Sri Lanka

Architectural Experience!
Construction Experience!

Kedalla is a Kandy based multi-disciplinary architecture house design & construction firm established in 2006 by three shareholders. Today we are celebrated as one of the most progressive and out-of-the-box firms currently working in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Our projects run the range from luxury residential developments and hotels to single-family houses.

Over 13 years of dedication to research and construction of innovative ideas, we have imbued conceptual, residential, commercial and cultural projects with our own unique brand of sensual modernism.

We help our clients delivering accurate designs and documentations for following approval and clearance purposes

House Plan Approvals from Pradeshiya Shaba|House Plan Approvals from Municipal Council |House Plan Approvals from Urban Council| Online House Plan Approvals from Urban Development Authority | Survey Plan Approvals (BOP Approvals)| Obtaining Certificate of Conformity |COC| Clearance for Lands| Clearance for Houses| Clearance for Plans | Preliminary Planning Clearance | NRMC Clearance| CEA Clearance |RDA Clearance | National Building Research Organization |Central Environmental Authority |Natural Resource Management Center| Road Development Authority| Amended Plan Approvals| Blocked out Plan Approvals| Street Lines| None vesting Certificates |Obtaining Assessment numbers| Land Sub Divisions| Land Sub Additions| Residential Building Clearance| Commercial Building Clearance| Online Plan Submission| Mahavali Authority Clearance| Irrigation Department Clearance|Forest Conservation Department Clearance| Hanthana Conservation Committee Clearance|

Architecture/ Design/ Construction

“No matter the project, we have it looked after—start to finish.”

Kedalla Architectural Office in Kandy Serves Architectural Services in Kandy, Kurunegala, Colombo and all over Sri Lanka

We Specialize in Traditional Architecture

We specialize in traditional architecture, design, and planning adhering to the classic principles of the Hill country.

Historic Remodels and Restorations

Kedalla has also been involved Historic Remodels and Restorations in the Old Houses

Best house designers in Kandy sri lanka offer personalized residences holiday retreats to corporate interiors/boutique

Triple Bottom Line

Every Housing project, regardless of size or scale, is unique and emerges out of specific programmatic, budget and site opportunities that inform the design process. Our approach to each architectural design is to balance the triple bottom line of economic, ecological and social variables as we strive to create architecture with the ability to positively transform communities and civic life. The result is architectural buildings that are in tune with their surroundings and resonate with their users.

Enhance Customers’ Experience

The buildings we create and build are carefully tailored to the expectations of our clients to enhance their customers’ experience. As architectural and building consultants, advisors and project managers, we help our clients to define their goals, from pre- development to close out, we help them build the team, budget and schedule that would ultimately deliver superior outcomes.

Modern Home designs in Kandy

We “Kedalla” is an industry leading design-construction firm known for personalized design, custom home and commercial construction, and extensive remodels. We create stunning, unique homes and commercial spaces that is tailored for each client has had the opportunity to be involved in designing high quality luxury homes in and around Kandy.

Interior design

A new building can fall short if it is not accompanied by the furnishings, lighting and custom details that make it feel as though everything is where it should be. We work with our clients to building a collection of unique pieces that feel as though they could have been collected over a lifetime. Each adds texture and interest to the space and is tailored to suit the clients’ tastes as well as the building’s architecture.

When working with clients on an architectural design, we often find it advantageous to continue the relationship to develop a comprehensive interior design as well. Once the architecture is resolved, we are able to use our in depth knowledge of the future building to begin to select furniture, lighting and art. We begin the interiors process prior to completing documentation or construction so that we are able to make tweaks for any internal details. This also gives us time to source items over time from a wide range of sources.

We approach furnishings with a distinct point of difference from the architecture. The furniture and lighting is a human element that first and foremost needs to respond to the realities of living. While we look to select groupings of items that will endure over time, the scale of the items allows them to function in a different way. Often there is opportunity to bring in much more personality and elements of playfulness. Our interiors are colourful and textural and aim to create a lasting impression.

A complete interior package will include everything the space will need. This includes furniture, lighting, rugs, window coverings, accessories as well as art. We source items from local and international furniture designers and often incorporate rare vintage items.

Whatever your scope, design ideas or complexity of building, we "The best Architects in Kandy" can handle it.

3 Modern House Plans In Kandy - You Must Consider

Beautiful house designs in Kandy

There are many factors that may determine the choice of house plans in Kandy. Some may include the land size which determines whether the house will be a bungalow with attic or a Two Story House, construction cost, privacy, security, personal preference and aesthetics. Family size and needs may significantly affect the choice of house plan. These house plans with photos can also help you choose the best.

Modern contemporary architecture building plan designed by team of pioneer architects in Kandy Sri Lanka

Architects Designed 4 Bed Room House Plan in Kandy

This is a relatively reasonable house plan for a medium sized family. It may not be spacious as such but can comfortably accommodate a family with kids. There are many designs this type of a house plan may be built on and this can be found on our House Plans Collection . Ideally the 4 bedroom house plans in our Plans Collection may have a lounge / living area, kitchen, dining room, cloakrooms, two bedrooms and any other additions as per the owner’s preference

Box Model House Design

Kandy Architect designed building with huge terrace in thannekumbura area.Architect contact number 0702 222 111

Architects Designed 7 Bedroom Home Plans in Kandy

A seven bedroom home plan designed by a top architect in Kandy is yet another modern home plan today considered to be the apex of it all. It may be expensive to build such a structure or even buy one that is already built but its benefits are irresistible. It offers more convenience and provides the owner with many choices around the home.

Visit our House Plans Collection to find out more.

5+ bedroom home plans

Architects completed buildings, hotels and housing projects in Kandy Sri Lanka.The best architectural services Kandy

Architects Designed Bungalow Plan with 5 Bedrooms in Kandy

This is a classical beautiful house designs with lots of old country porches in kandy. It is ideal for a large family and come with sufficient amenities fit for all household members. Ordinarily, they offer more comfort and privacy. This bungalow plan is fit for families with small children or with a disabled person; mobility is easy since the structure is only on the ground floor. There are many designs architects have developed and are online for you. Besides, you can have a wide selection at our House Plans Collection with photos.

Traditional Design

As architects, we develop an intimacy with the building through the process of design that provides us with a deep understanding and respect towards each element that is introduced into the environment. While the landscaping can be one of the most powerful elements, its role is as a support framework for the architecture. It has the unique ability to add a natural softness and makes the passage of time evident. The interior design is a detailed response including all items of furnishings, lighting and custom details that make it feel as though everything is where it should be. We work with our clients to building a collection of unique pieces that feel as though they could have been collected over a lifetime. The integration of a collection of new art has the ability to create a subjective conversation that takes the project to another level.


Our primary focus is creating considered architecture that will be relevant for years to come. We work collaboratively with our clients so that the buildings express those who inhabit them. Our buildings are strong, yet quiet.

The majority of buildings constructed today will be around for the next hundred years. In order to ensure a building will be relevant through its life cycle, we look carefully at common threads that continue to persist through history. Our approach is to create new architecture that is both classic in inspiration and modern for intent. A building that continues to get better with the passage of time is imbued with true timelessness.

In addition to working on projects in Kandy and other cities, we are also experienced working provinces. Regardless of where the project is located, our architects and designers are invested in reaching the same level of service and final projects. This includes site regular client meetings and site visits from design through to construction.

KANDY - ‘The Great City’ - The Great Architecture

The Final Kingdom of the Country

Kandy was the last Sinhalese Kingdom until it was captured and ruled by the British in 1815. Kandy was once named Senkadagala Pura. It was named so after a hermit named Senkada. Most locals call this enchanting city of theirs ‘Mahanuwara’ which means ‘Great City’. Since this great city is located in the centre of the Island it was a challenging target for the foreign invaders who captured the coastal areas quite comfortably. Therefore Kandy created and enhanced its own independent culture, livelihood, traditions, art and architecture. Until the British captured the city of Kandy, its kings ensured safety and protected its culture.

Paththirippuwa which had been considered as the symbol of identity of the of the Kandyan Architecture was built in 1802 A.D on the instructions of kings Sri Wickrama Rajasinhe., who was the last king of Nayakkar Lineage (1798-1815 A.D).
Ambarawa was equivalant to a tunnel. The length was 29 feet and 08 inches while the breath was 8 feet.
The Temple of Tooth at kandy is the final location of the sacred tooth of the lord Buddha which was brought to srilanka during the reign of king “keerthi sri Megawarna” by prince “Dantha” and Princess “Hemamala” from the kindom of kalingu India.

Kandy gave shelter to the relic of the tooth of the Buddha. It was a vital tradition and responsibility in the 4th-century that the ruler of the nation would also be the sole protector of the relic. Therefore the royal palace and the temple of the tooth were positioned close to each other at all times.

Architecture and Design – Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Historical Landscape Architecture

Over the centuries, humans have of course shaped the landscape around them since the inception of civilization.

Historical Landscape Architecture at Dalada Maligawa, Kandy
Historical Landscape Architecture at Dalada Maligawa, Kandy
Historical Landscape Architecture and Building Architecture at Dalada Maligawa, Kandy

Inside Architecture and Design – Temple of the Tooth – Kandy – Sri Lanka

Historical Architecture Designs

Architectural Characteristics of the Sri Dalada Maligawa in Senkadagalapura (Kandy)

Inside Architecture and Design –.
Inside Architecture and Design –
Inside Architecture and Design –

Modern Kandyan Architecture

Modern Kandyan architecture covers a broad range of ideas, concepts and principles available in the design history. Many designs in this category feature a look and feel that expresses a value for tradition, a unique use of space, and exterior and interior features of a modern persuasion.

Old house redesigned in kandy complies with Kandyan architectural design and traditional Sri Lankan architecture
House similar to udarata architecture design by an architects in kandy. High roof feels extra spacious
Open verandah of house that similar to udarata architecture design by group of architects in kandy

What Our Clients Are Saying About Architecture And Designs,

Balcony designed by architect is a great part of the house that provides comfort, enjoyment relaxation

"Kedalla is an ideal place for house planning in Kandy area. They are expert in that field. Creative and reliable. Explained all the facts in friendly manner and everything is fair. Trusted service. You planned our future shelter the best. We wish you all the best. Welldone "Kedalla"

Mr.A Edirisinghe

Deputy Principal

Vidyartha College, Kandy

We're committed to providing the best customer service possible in Kandy and surrounding areas. The architectural firm serves the areas of Peradeniya, Gelioya, Gampola, Nawalapitiya, Kothmale, Mawanella, Kadugannawa, Pilimathalawa, Kiribathkumbura, Muruthalawa, Aniwaththa, Heerassagala, Katugasthota, Akurana, Ambathanna, Alawathugoda, Madawala, Rambukkana, Hatharaliyadda, Waththegama (Wattegama), Theldeniya, Madamahanuwara, Digana, Kundasale, Pallekele, Haragama, Ampitiya, Thalathuoya, Bowalawaththa, Kiribathkumbura, Weligalla, Dolosbage, Kuruduwaththa Kadaveediya, Atabage, Doluwa, Mapanawathura, Aruppola, Watapuluwa, Lewella, Thannekumbura, Gurudeniya, Kengalla, Manikhinna, Polgolla, Katugasthota, Madamahanuwara, Hunnasgiriya, Hasalaka,Daskara, Daulagala, Galagedara, Galhinna, Hanguranketa, Hapugastalawa, Pussellawa, Ulapane, Watadeniya, Welamboda,Udadumbara and around Kandy

Members of the firm work closely with their clients, builders and individual contractors to ensure that the building expresses the client it was built for and everything needed is in its place. The designs are quiet, yet strong creating a response that is appropriate to its surroundings with attention to materiality that ensures projects will continue to improve over the passage of time.

The firm’s experience in creating sophisticated, timeless architecture has earned them the respect from peers and more importantly from our clients. Kedalla Architecture has a long history of excellence in architecture for residential and commercial spaces.

Design doesn’t stop at the walls. Every choice made is a design decision from art to furniture and it’s often a daunting task for clients presented with a new home or business. For this reason, Architects in Kandy offers a level of design service that is as detailed or as broad as the client requires. Our team works in collaboration to create a physical living environment, from integrating gardens to curating and creating unique objects to populate spaces. We refer to this as complete service.

Further, we submit your building applications to following local authorities for their approvals.

  • Urban Development Authority
  • Kandy Municipal Council
  • Gangawata Korale Pradeshiya shaba
  • Kundasale Pradeshiya shaba
  • Madamahanuwara Pradeshiya shaba
  • Udadumbara Pradeshiya shaba
  • Patha Dumbara Pradeshiya shaba
  • Ukuwela Pradeshiya shaba
  • Harispaththuwa Pradeshiya shaba
  • Galagedara Pradeshiya shaba
  • Yatinuwara Pradeshiya shaba
  • Kadugannawa Urbun Council
  • Gampola Urban Council
  • Udapalatha Pradeshiya shaba
  • Kothmale Pradeshiya shaba
  • Hewaheta Pradeshiya shaba
  • Ganga Ihala Korale Pradeshiya shaba